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Tradeshow Ideas Guaranteed to Get Your Booth Noticed

Tradeshows are great opportunities for businesses and brands to make quick sales and boost brand identity. From new startups and small businesses to the biggest leading brands, every product manufacturer benefits from tradeshows. These business events come in many different sizes and types. Also, each tradeshow will almost always be based around a single business industry.

So, one of the most important aspects of any tradeshow is that these are well contested events. Unless a brand is organizing its very own event, there will be many brands and businesses competing. That tradeshow floor will have many different brands offering the same products. So, it is more than required for your tradeshow booth to be noticed amongst all that crowd. Here are some tips to help with that:

Get the Lighting Just Right

One of the most important factors for any public event booth is lighting. You need to put your booth at the right visibility to highlight products and services. Also, tradeshow management will offer light. However, that event lighting may not necessarily be enough in all cases.

Very high overhead lighting often gets blocked by tall booth ceilings and other objects. So, businesses and brands might need to organize lighting of their own. Make sure to get just bright enough lighting that isn’t too much in the face and yet appropriately bright.

Angles of your lights should be just perfect as well. They should never be directed at visitor’s faces at any point. Also, temperature of the lighting matters a lot as well. Ideally, somewhere between perfect white and yellow light temperature works great for tradeshow booths.

High Above Hanging LEDs and Displays

Branding is very important for public events like tradeshows. More modern you can make your booth look, more attention it will grab. Today, attractive tradeshow booths have very elegant large screens and displays up top. These need to be high enough for maximum people to see them.

Branding on these digital screens provides great benefits. Brands and businesses can also highlight other important information as well. These large screens and displays are provided by Tech Hire Companies at cheap prices as well. Purchasing them can be a great business investment as well.

Event management companies might also offer full tradeshow booth setup when required. On large events that are in other cities of the world, renting these large displays is the best option. Get them setup for your tradeshow booth is possible as well for more convenience.

iPad Reception for Tradeshow Booths and Spaces

iPads are great business devices. Their usage on reception booths for tradeshows can be very important. These great devices provide many uses on tradeshow reception booths for brands and businesses. Firstly, these will help introduce the business on reception booths with their branding displays. Then, the other great benefit businesses get is the ability to store visitor information.

iPad rental services are available for tradeshow events as well. Businesses can rent iPads with their table mounts or floor stands for exhibition receptions. These helping stands and mounts make using these iPads for tradeshow booths very easy. Also, these can be used for attendance keeping as well. Team members can mark their attendances through the biometric sensors on board.

VR Is Still Amazing and Very Unique

VR isn’t new by any means. Virtual Reality is being used by business industries like medical, aviation, software, engineering, manufacturing and many more. For public exhibitions and events, VR can be the perfect companion to seek maximum attention.

Brands and businesses can implement purpose-made VR booths where these devices are on offer. Beauty of these devices is that you can provide real-life like content for audience. Whether it is product demos or factory tours, VR can help greatly.

The other benefit public events get with such unique tech is visitor attraction. People would want to try these devices out. VR hire devices are available when the business doesn’t own them. Get these delivered to your event location for use any time.

Hire Mascots to Get People Turning to Your Booth

One of the best ways to grab attention on public events is through dedicated mascots. Brands and businesses can design their mascots in many different ways. The focus should be on highlight brand logo and making your mascots able to grab attention. Also, you need the friendliest people in those mascot kits and dresses to attract maximum attention.

Hiring mascots guarantees great attention for any tradeshow booth. You need the right team with you in addition to the mascot as well. So, ensure to take sales people as well. Get your team right and lead with mascots standing just outside the entry door. If you do get the chance to spread your mascots out on the floor, do it. This will help bring more attention.

Offer Charging Station and Advertise It

Or larger public events and exhibitions, reviewers and social media influencers arrive with all their big tech gadgets. Their gadgets will include big camera systems, computers/laptops and possibly big lights and tablets too. So, all these run-on batteries that are sure to run out quickly.

Arrange a charging station and make it available for free. Make sure to advertise it on your large screens as well. Offer these important people the chance to charge their devices up. They will spend quite a bit of time on your booth doing so. Upsell products and try to get a positive shoutout or review quickly.

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