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Toyota’s new-generation Prius is expected to be launched in 2022

The world’s first mass-produced petrol-electric Toyota Prius series, the current model is the fourth generation of the minor model launched in 2018, the domestic introduction of the second generation in 2006, and the introduction of the third generation and the fourth generation of the car, the recent Toyota distributor Hetai Motors for the Prius PHV model and price adjustment, and Prius models also in the introduction of new Prius models have recently been halted due to the price adjustment of the Prius PHV by Toyota’s distributor, Hutchison Motors, which overlaps with the Prius PHV.

Recent reports in the Japanese media suggest that a major facelift of the Toyota Prius is expected in Toyota Prius 2022 and will not appear on the next generation of Prius due to the unpredictable development of solid-state batteries. Although the current Prius model has been withdrawn from sale in China, the new model is still attracting the attention of domestic consumers. The chassis will be upgraded with the current TNGA chassis architecture and will not be significantly altered.

In terms of powertrain, there are two possibilities for the overhauled Prius: firstly, the current 1.8-liter hybrid powertrain will be optimized, and secondly, the 1.5-liter hybrid powertrain on the Yaris will be adopted. The second possibility is to adopt the 1.5-liter hybrid system fitted to the current Yaris, but given that the Yaris is based on a TNGA-B chassis, this is not the same as the Prius. However, as the Yaris is based on a TNGA-B chassis, which is different from that of the Prius, the Japanese press reckons that a 1.8-liter hybrid configuration is more likely.

The Prius will have a longer wheelbase and a shorter body length, making it more akin to the new generation hatchback design, while the chassis is expected to be upgraded based on the current TNGA chassis architecture. In addition, the Prius will continue to look like the current hatchback, but instead of the distinctive front-end look of the current model, it will have a more dynamic front-end design and a shorter front and rear overhangs. The front and rear suspensions will be shortened.

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