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TOSTEM INDIA: Pre-engineered Design and How it Helps a Homeowner

The advancement of technology has had pre-engineered designs emerge as one of the most notable and significant innovations. These designs have made a huge difference to homeowners. This new trend has been so successful that it has spread across many other businesses. 

Although the initial investment may seem a bit daunting, it is certainly worth it, in the long run, considering the impact of doors and windows with such designs, their durability, and affordability.

What is a pre-engineered design?

Pre-engineered design is a service by TOSTEM India for both aluminium doors and window designs. TOSTEM India strives to give you the best fit-out at the lowest possible cost by creating a complete design plan for your home or business.

TOSTEM India has created pre-engineered designs for its customers to help maximize efficiency and minimize costs, creating perfect home plans. 

Also known as pre-manufactured buildings or pre-fabricated constructions, pre-engineered homes by TOSTEM India are manufactured offsite at factories and subsequently brought to your home site for assembly.

Advantages of Pre-engineered Designs

Do you want your home’s exterior and interior to look their best? If so, you must make the most of the aluminium door design. Aluminium is strong and sturdy and is an excellent material for building quality doors and windows. It lends variety to your doors and windows with various finishes, making your home stand out in any neighbourhood or community.

There are many advantages of a pre-engineered design. These include:


The cost of installing pre-engineered aluminium window designs is significantly lower than traditional window systems. Usually, when you replace your windows, you pay for both the windows and installation costs. With pre-engineered systems, you only pay for the window.


You get a broader range of options when you purchase your new windows from TOSTEM India. Multiple options in sizes, styles, materials and finishes make your final only more interesting. You can also choose between single and double-hung capabilities per your requirements.


Pre-engineered systems give you a long-lasting window system by blending all systems together, an arrangement that lasts for years without any issues in terms of performance or appearance. These are factory manufactured products with pre-fitted hardware, installed by trained services engineers who carry additional hardware at the time of installation in case of a possible shortage.

No Fabricator Dependence

Pre-fabricated designs do not require any fabrication from the contractor or builder, allowing you to focus on other aspects of building your dream home. The designs save you time and are also known to help with disaster preparedness because they are built with materials that can withstand high winds and floods compared to other standard construction methods.

Pre-engineered designs provide peace of mind to homeowners, capable of withstanding natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes without losing structural integrity or functionality.

No Deviation from Design Performance

Experts at Tostem India test the performance of pre-engineered designs for their durability and sturdiness. Customers do not have to fret over hiring sub-contractors or suppliers inept at working with aluminium window designs, resulting in possible damage caused later on. Pre-engineered designs let homeowners enjoy their new homes without worrying about anything else.

It is known that the selection of any material should be made keeping the purpose and use in mind. The nature of design is also relevant as we have to see whether it meets our goal or not. Aluminium is lightweight and strong, making it suitable for window design. One can get in touch with a reputed company in the industry for pre-engineered window and door design.