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Top Tips to Choose the Best Car Rental Company in Dubai

Factors to consider when choosing the best car rental company in Dubai

Renting a car in Dubai can make your experience more memorable and enjoyable, as you can go shopping and sightseeing whenever you want. But which car should you rent and how do you choose the best car rental company in Dubai? 

Before you start looking for the best rent a car offers in Dubai, define your needs. Make sure you know exactly what the car will be used for. Count the number of people who will travel with you, the amount of luggage you’ll carry, and the locations you will ride to. Will there be a baby on board? Do you need a luxury car? How important is it to spend the lowest amount of cash possible?

If you have a specific car on your mind, search the Internet, look at aggregator websites and compare for the best prices. Otherwise simply choose a vehicle type like sedan, SUV, or convertible, and then proceed to find the best deal.

How to choose the best car rental company in Dubai

A car rental company lets you rent cars of all makes and models for a limited amount of time such as a day, week, or month. Each company will have its own fleet of vehicles, prices, quality, and types of services. Before hiring one, it is advisable to make sure you’ve done enough research about the car rental company.

The best car rental company in Dubai will have the following characteristics:

1. Cost-effective

Everyone wishes to choose the best car rental company in Dubai with the best prices on their entire fleet of cars. If you want to pay less, always compare multiple competitors and look for the most reasonably priced services. Since automobiles are very common, the best rent a car offers in Dubai will usually be on the lower end when it comes to price.

Airport rental locations often cost more, so it’s better to choose a non-airport location.

2. Transparent pricing

Good car rental agencies never make their clients regret renting from them. Nothing erodes the trust of consumers faster than hidden charges stashed away in the middle or end of the car rental agreement. Before you sign any contract, ask the agency to make sure that all costs such as security deposits, insurance, fuel charges, and late charges are transparent and final. 

3. Great customer service 

We need to be clear on what entails good customer service. The best car rental company in Dubai will always put your needs first. This means they will provide good recommendations and will have a fleet of clean, hygienic, and undamaged cars. They will give you the choice to decline insurance and they offer reasonable contract stipulations and fees when it comes to fuel. They will let you visit them to inspect the cars before you rent them. If there are any visible damages to the car, they let you take pictures and note down the problems on the car rental contract.

4. Stellar reputation

It may not be possible to know who is a good service provider merely by checking their website or visiting their agency. To make an informed decision and get the best rental car in Dubai, we advise you to do your due diligence and always check ratings and reviews of post-sale service before signing any rental agreements. Reading online testimonials to choose a reputable car rental company will help you be safe and secure on the roads.

5. Mobile-optimised website with smooth navigation

It’s 2022 and most customers use smartphones more than full-sized computers. The websites for best rental car in Dubai have mobile-friendly responsive websites with proper images of the cars and all the relevant information.

6. Regular discounts and offers

Car rental agencies that provide discounts and coupons usually have a good standing in the marketplace. To get the best rent a car offer in Dubai, price-conscious renters should check out the offers which are provided and compare the final prices. 

7. Rewards and loyalty programs

The best car rental company in Dubai will provide a rewards program which is especially useful if you’re a frequent traveler. You will not only save money but being a privileged customer means you will save significant time, even hours, each time you rent a car. The car rental agency will save your details, payment methods, and preferences. Frequent users will get reward points which can then be used for future car rentals, access to reserved cars, priority customer service, and free vehicle upgrades. 

8. Mobile app

Most car rental companies have a mobile app that allows access to loyalty program members. The best benefit of such apps is that you can cancel or postpone your booking if there are any delays in your flight or travel plans – all from inside the app. 

9. Continually updating their fleet

The best car rental company in Dubai will have the latest models of cars. They will keep including new cars of all shapes and sizes to fulfill their customer needs. A company which has a wide range of cars usually indicates that they can meet all kinds of requirements.

10. Other factors

There are several miscellaneous characteristics to look for when you want the best car rental company in Dubai. This includes:

  • easy cancellation
  • pre-booking
  • delivering the car to your preferred location
  • sanitized and deep-cleaned cars 
  • cars which are serviced regularly for your safety
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • easy to understand company policies
  • no arbitrary penalties
  • option to decline insurance and add-ons


Today travelers have lots of options to get the car of their needs. With so many companies out there, it can be difficult to identify the best one that will suit one’s car rental requirements.

To get the best rent a car offers in Dubai it is advised to book a week before your actual requirement. This way you’ll always be able to select the car of your choice and avoid any last-minute hassles and price hikes.

Yousco Rent A Car in Al Barsha, Dubai meets the above characteristics of the best car rental company in Dubai. With daily, weekly, and monthly plans, Yousco provides all kinds of luxury, sports, or economy cars – large and small. They recently updated their fleet with the Lamborghini Huracan hypercar, Tesla Model X, and Range Rover Vogue.

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