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Top Softwares For 3D Modeling & Animation Of Jewelry Design

Creating jewelry before physically making it was never so easy before 3D modeling and animation came in the market. Today, one can get to see the exact jewelry he desires to make before actually making it.

When a jeweler creates jewelry he needs to ensure accuracy and that only happens when you make use of the best technology. Whenever you are a beginner or an experienced person, finding the software program that meets your needs and level of expertise is what plays an important role. Here are a few software that every jewelry designer can consider using.


3Design is a CAD software that is completely dedicated to jewelry design. The software claims to be made by jewelers and for jewelers. With a software like this one can aim to create 3D modeling and animation design for the jewels. The software gives photorealistic images of the 3D models before printing it. So if you are a jeweler who is willing to obtain as realistic renders as possible, can make use of this jewelry CAD software. The software is basically inspired by a video game graphics technology. Its interface is intuitive and easy to work on.


If you are a professional who works in the jewelry industry, you may know how good this software is. Matrix is a popular and efficient tool that is used for 3D printing jewelry design. It is an ideal software if you are starting any design like wedding ring animation from scratch. Many jewelers find this software a little more complex than others. Hence all those you consider themselves as advanced level designers should only try their hands here. But no doubt the interface is particularly made for jewelry. It even contains step by step tools to help you with creativity.

Jewelry CAD Dream

This is one of the most powerful software that helps you produce and create sophisticated 3D modeling and animation designs. Jewelry 3D dream has more than 30 years of experience. There are many time saving tools in the software that allow hybrid modeling engines with direct modeling. You can create realistic images and visualization and can even customize the tools as per your requirement. The software is not only about design but a lot more about the manufacturing process too. The software tends to act as an efficient tool for 3D modeling, printing and more. It ensures choice of best orientation and seamless production.


This is another hands-on software that is highly recommended for jewelry design, especially bridal ring animation. The software is so apt for rings and other small jewelry designs because it just fits well with details. CounterSketch allows you to start from the scratch and gives you an option to choose from 1300 different preset models for design that you can later refine or customize as per the customer needs. This is one of the best software to consider.

We hope this list of jewelry design software helps you find the right tools and easily adapt to your desired jewelry designs. It is time that you choose these softwares and give your creativity the right shape.