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Top EMR/EHR Software: The Intense Comparability of NextGen & AthenaHealth

Suppose you’re looking for the right technology solution to meet your needs. In that case, this article can help you compare and contrast the two options to help you decide which one is best. Let’s Step into each new world to see the dramatic difference.

How does NextGen work?

NexGen EMR was founded in 1994. The company’s healthcare solution was created to serve as a service provider to enhance the lives of people who practice medicine and their patients. It assists the providers of ambulatory healthcare and their communities. The comprehensive, integrated technology and services platform is designed to support ambulatory and specialty practices of any size.

The tools patients use to take charge of their health, improve their outcomes, and boost loyalty, allow clinicians to be more efficient and productive. The software enables predictable financial results and ensures seamless interoperability, enabling more efficient information exchange. It is designed to enhance the coordination of healthcare. By providing information to help discover gaps and mitigate risks, it provides customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of practices in ambulatory care on their way to improving.

Solutions can be found as follows.

Clinical medical

Clinical care solutions include EHR and population health mobile and other solutions and consultation services. They aid practices in optimizing their strategies for providing high-quality healthcare.

Financial management

Financial management with financial connectivity practice administration, financial service, and clearinghouse services can assist your practice in improving clinical and financial results and performance.

Patient engagement

Engagement of patients with high levels can lead to better health outcomes. That will help you improve patient satisfaction for your current patients and draw in future patients.

Population health

Analytics, population health and connected health solutions, and consulting services provide meaningful insight across financial, clinical, and administrative data.

Connected health

You can easily exchange information about health within the clinical workflow and directly at the point of treatment. The fully interoperable platform can help to improve your financial, clinical, and patient outcomes for more significant results.

NextGen EMR Pricing

It’s cost-effective, with prices that range between $299 and $549 per provider per month. For more customized information, do ask for the Demo. This way, it will be more helpful to decide what to choose.

NextGen EMR Reviews

Overall, reviews are positive users. I had a wonderful experience with this software and its auxiliary products. Even when things don’t go as expected, their customer support wonders.

What makes AthenaHealth EHR different?

Athena is among the most well-known EHR across the United States. Athena comes with a range of features that make it simple to use by doctors and patients:

  •  Athena can help you store, organize and retrieve patients’ medical records from multiple clinics and hospitals to one central dashboard. 
  • It gives you access to 24/7 accurate medical information for all parties involved, offering exceptional care and keeping up with changes in the industry with a simple-to-use EHR. 
  • athenaClinicals has been designed to assist you in recording more effectively and accurately while helping you to offer high-quality medical care. 
  • It reduces time spent on clinical work by utilizing simple workflows that allow access to all patient data when encounters are scheduled. 
  • The EHR offers real-time information and information from a network of 135K healthcare professionals.
  • The software collaborates on the patient’s care plans with other healthcare professionals directly within the patient’s chart. 
  • The network facilitates seamless sharing of patient records via connections to Carequality and CommonWell.
  • It will take less time to record and reduce interruptions during patient encounters. Tools like pre-conversation preparation and custom workflows make creating precise, efficient documentation easier. The quality performance team athenahealth and flexible technology will help keep you ahead of changing regulatory requirements of the industry.
  • Access patient records and complete clinical work on your smartphone. The athenaOne app is integrated with an EHR providing you with the ability to catch up or get ahead, close gaps in care and enhance the quality of your care with real-time, accurate information. Make your decisions at the point of care on real-time insights incorporated directly into your workflow.
  • Technology helps in the efficiency of documentation and ensures that clinicians are compliant while not slowing them down.athenaClinicals were praised by clients and KLAS for their efficiency in closing gaps in care and reducing costs.

Athena EMR Pricing

AthenaHealth EMR software license starts at$140 per provider per month. The practice of 5 physicians would pay $700per month minimum ($8400 annually). Paying to migrate up to 1000 patient records and hold two staff training sessions would add $1000 to starting costs, for at least $9400 in the first year. 

Athena EMR Reviews

Many Athena health EMR reviews are positive users cite the software reporting tools and the fact that it has a profound impact on their patient’s clinical outcomes, just because the software is user friendly, offers practice management solutions with low upfront costs, and has a wide range of products and services help medical practices deliver optimal information with minimal distraction.

Comparison between Athenahealth and Nextgen EHR

Athenahealth offers a wide range of products and services to help medical practices deliver “optimal information with minimal distraction. They are also known as a specialty EHR that offers a variety of solutions for different specialties. Lastly, athenahealth typically wins many industry awards such as KLAS and Black Book. Whereas NextGen is a robust EHR that offers solutions for all aspects of medical documentation, including Practice Management for patient scheduling and billing. They are excellent at keeping up to date with the required Regulatory, Prescribing, and Meaningful Use aspects.

So, what are you waiting for? Request a demo of NextGen today and see how the cloud-based, integrated clinical documentation and practice management solutions can help your healthcare organization improve efficiency and patient care. And don’t forget to check out AthenaHealth – which offers a wide range of health IT solutions, including electronic medical records (EMR), medical billing, telemedicine, and more. It can be tough to decide which EHR is suitable for your practice with many options available. But hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on the differences between athenahealth and nextgen EHR systems. So what are you waiting for? 

Request a demo today!

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