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Top Downloaded Mac App Store Apps for Work 2022

Employers and employees download apps on their smartphones or laptops to manage work more efficiently. Open a Mac App Store, and you will find myriad online apps that can help you increase productivity and manage projects. These apps can also be used to just have fun lying in bed. However, some apps are more popular than their counterparts because of improved functionality and user experience. 

In this article, we have selected the top downloaded apps to enable you to better communicate with your employees, organize, and meet deadlines.

  1. UPDF – Free PDF Editor 

One of the most used Mac App Store apps for work is UPDF by Superace Software Technologies. The incredible PDF editor offers premium features at absolutely no cost. The app has an intuitive user interface and offers a superior user experience through its advanced features. 

UPDF by Superace Software technologies is compatible with Mac, iOS, and Android devices. 

This free PDF editor doesn’t require a big learning curve as its user-friendly design allows you to easily navigate the app’s features. The app allows you to edit PDF files in numerous ways on your device with easy-to-use editing tools. 

Below are some notable features offered by this amazing editing PDF editor:

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  • Edit PDF images:  This feature allows you to remove, resize, replace, reposition, extract, and rotate PDF images with ease. You can replace the image with another image from your drive or change the size of the image using the cropping tool.
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  • Edit PDF Text: Unlike most PDF editors, UPDF allows you to edit the text in PDF documents. All you have to do is select the original text and replace it with your words.
  • Delete pages from PDF: Besides editing PDF images, you can delete pages you don’t want in your PDF account. That would remove the unnecessary pages leaving you with the information you require most. 
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  • Draw on PDF: Another significant feature offered by UPDF is the freedom to annotate PDF text. You can highlight important text, underline, make comments in the margin, and add signatures and sticky notes to the document. It lets you create a summary of the long PDF document, which you can forward to your employees, saving a lot of time. 


It’s one of the best Mac App Store apps for work as it offers advanced features free of cost. Most PDF editing apps only allow you to annotate text but don’t let you edit. UPDF doesn’t have this limitation as it allows you to edit the text as much as you want.

  1. TikTok 

TikTok is a popular video-sharing app that lets you create compelling videos with varied special effects and filters. Users can create videos with durations ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. 

TikTok helps employees create content that relates to their business, attracts employees, and ultimately increases sales. 

The available templates give an aesthetic appeal and professional look to your photos and videos, thereby enhancing the brand’s credibility. Tan Tan Tan, Motion Blur, Pop Pop, and Moving Mirrors are some of the popular templates designed to create unique content. 

You can alter video speed and insert professional audio free of cost. Thus, TikTok can be an inexpensive advertising tool for promoting products and services.

As TikTok is one of the most widely used Mac App Store apps, it offers businesses a lucrative opportunity to engage with consumers at a very little cost. Creating a TikTok challenge or collaborating with TikTok influences are excellent and cost-effective ways to increase your brand’s popularity among consumers. 


TikTok offers a unique opportunity to businesses looking for inexpensive ways to promote their product and services. However, TikTok is limited to creating and sharing videos and doesn’t work as a communication medium between employers and employees. 

  1. Spotify 

Spotify, the popular digital music streaming app, gives you access to millions of podcasts and songs by artists all around the globe. 

Playing soft Spotify music at the workplace is a great way to boost employee productivity. The earthy beats, for example, let employees focus better and produce valuable results. 

Also, listening to motivating podcasts available on Spotify helps increase employees’ morale.

The ad-supported free version allows you to stream music from limited albums. The premium version, however, gives users access to unlimited songs, podcasts, lifestyle news, and much more. 


Spotify is one of the most downloaded apps on the Mac App Store. Employees love to use this app at the workplace as it adds a hint of entertainment and fun to an otherwise boring workday. However, to get benefits from all its features, you may have to buy the app’s premium version.

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app for both formal and informal communication. WhatsApp is preferred over SMS as it’s free and offers multiple features. 

Employers more commonly use WhatsApp Business to communicate with their employees. Employers share important files and documents with multiple employees via WhatsApp groups and save time. 

The free voice and video call feature let colleagues talk to each other without paying any money. 


WhatsApp has become a common mode of communication between employers and employees. However, more private individuals may feel uncomfortable using WhatsApp as it doesn’t allow users to hide their contact numbers in the group. 

  1. Hay 

Hay is a Mac App Store app for making business transactions. It allows you to send money to anyone and make online payments in a few minutes. 

The app manages your money without charging you any fee or hidden charges. Hay keeps your money secure with its advanced in-app security.

Also, the users get extra rewards for referring the app to their friends. 


Hay keeps your money secure and allows you to make transactions safely. As Hay offers fast transactions, employers use it to send salaries to their employees.


We have discussed the top downloaded Mac App Store apps for work in detail. After comparing various apps, we recommend UPDF as the best app for work as it offers multiple advanced features without you having to spend a single penny.