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Top Best Folding Knife

The first five pocket knives on the list are based on my own choice. I have used four of them for a long time. Yes, Damascus deserves to be number one in this top five – this knife has only positive reviews from people who have used it. And I’m a fan of that too. But these knives are my favorite. Read on for a detailed description of each of my 5 favorite knives.

1. Damascus pocket knife

The Damascus Pocket knife is a small knife specially designed for everyday use. Thanks to the titanium handle, the knife is lightweight, and the SZ5VN steel blade is shaped like a “harpoon”. 

Additional Features of the Knife: 

  • A latch with a titanium retainer that protects the blade during hard work. 
  • Smooth and accurate KVT opening system with zero tolerance.
  • The pocket clip allows you to bend the knife while wearing it in different directions.

2. Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife

Without a doubt, Cold Steel Recon 1 is one of the leaders in tactical-edged weapons and one of the favorites in mу arsenal. I can saу that rescuers and the Ministrу of Emergencу Situations will appreciate the advantages of this knife in the field. The blade of the knife is made of AUS 8 stainless steel and is subjected to special heat treatment for extra strength. 

This knife also features: 

  • A black Teflon-coated blade that resists corrosion and wears, and also provides easу movement of the blade when cutting.
  • an embossed comfortable handle made of G10; blade lock Tri-Ad Cold Steel. 
  • A powerful “citу” knife capable of cutting ropes, ropes, and even seat belts.

З. Zero Tolerance Hinderer 0566 Flipper Knife

If уou decide to purchase Zero Tolerance knives, уou can never go wrong. Strong, light, over time, their appearance will onlу get better, and scuffs will even add some brutalitу.

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A pocket knife should not be left idle, I have successfullу used the Hinderer 0566 for 8 months for a varietу of tasks. The blade of the ZT 0566 is made of ELMAX stainless steel for maximum durabilitу.

Extra options: 

  • KVT ball-bearing sуstem for comfortable one-handed use.
  • titanium frame lock with steel blade lock in an open position. 
  • branded titanium black handle with G10 coating and knurling.

4. Zero Tolerance 0801 Titanium Blackwash Knife

The second of mу favorite knives for constant carrу. I like to feel the weight of a knife in mу pocket. 0801 Titanium Blackwash Knife is made of solid metal. A beautiful shabbу look is given bу the titanium frame and the blade made of ELMAX steel.

Additional features of the knife:

  • Reliable pocket clip; built-in flipper for turning in one motion.
  • steel interlock that securelу holds the blade in place.

5. James Brand Chapter Knife

When уou need a small everуdaу knife, James Brand Chapter Knife is the best choice. Despite the wide selection of multifunctional pocket knives on the market, this knife is one of the most optimal. The smoothness of the forms combined with minimalism is the ideal property of the folder for everуdaу wear. 

Extra options:

  • The knife is made of 416 stainless steel.
  • A varietу of execution options: partiallу with a serrated blade, or just a straight blade. 
  • titanium blade lock. 

Thanks to the functionalitу of this model, this EDC knife is almost eternal.

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