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Top Benefits of Wireless VoIP Phones for Home and Business

The benefits of wireless VoIP Phones are obvious and make them an excellent option for retailers, institutions, and even hospitals. Separate systems for work (computer) and voice (telephone) communication are no longer needed in the company. they can integrate business and private communications. 

With the convergence of VoIP and WiFi, wireless voice is expected to become the dominant form of wireless communication in the future.

VoIP internet telephony works wirelessly. Internet telephony operators have combined wireless networks and Internet Protocol telephony to develop WiFi VoIP wireless phone technology.

Wireless VoIP Phones are also known as VoWLAN (Voice-over-Wireless-LAN) or WiFi telephony. Wireless VoIP Phones require a data network to which WiFi devices are connected. The Internet connection is accessible via a wireless access point through which the VoIP wireless phone can communicate. 

The advantages of such technology are obvious. In addition to offering independence, VoIP wireless phone systems can integrate communications, including phone calls, emails, and text messages, and link them into one system. This competition saves time and money.

Why does my business need a Wireless VoIP phone solution?

With the dramatic increase in telecommuting teams, it is no longer possible to rely on landline and desk phones. Many businesses are evolving to meet the needs of employees who are often traveling, constantly on the move or working from home.” Voice over IP (VoIP) clients running on smartphones are very useful for business users. This is especially true today when many employees work from home on their personal devices. They can connect with key employees, vendors, and customers anytime and anywhere.

Advantages of wireless VoIP Phones 

Phones Voice over IP (VoIP) is now widely used by many businesses and individuals who have migrated from traditional phone services to Internet-based phone services because it offers benefits that traditional phone services do not.

1. Cost Savings

Wireless VoIP Phones, which use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard, allow anyone to call anywhere via the Internet at flat or reduced rates.

Cell phone costs are a major obstacle for businesses in the technology and service industries. By combining WiFi VoIP, cell phones, internet access, and personal organizers, these companies can realize significant savings.

Business travelers with laptops can also use Skype and other VoIP providers to make free or cheap calls.

2. Keep your phone number when you move 

Wireless VoIP Phones are also a great way to keep your existing phone number wherever you are, as long as you have broadband Internet access.

VoIP phones are location-independent and connect to your service provider via the Internet, maximizing your bookings with the same broadband connection.

3. No paperwork

Phone companies usually offer long-term contracts as the only option to purchase and use their services. In addition, they only offer limited service packages, which ultimately do not meet the needs of businesses.

This can affect mobile and fixed-line telephony, as well as prepaid and postpaid rates. This can lead to difficulties in canceling services or contractual penalties.

Wireless VoIP Phones allow businesses to contract services without the hassle of paperwork, as they can cancel and renew their contract.

With VoIP telephony, companies can subscribe to the service without bureaucracy and cancel at any time or use another rate.

In addition, when a service is requested, the call is answered within minutes. It is also possible to convert existing phone numbers to VoIP technology.

The process is quick and is done by the provider, so businesses do not lose postal contacts or business hours.

4. Efficient

VoIP calls over WiFi can be made for free on your home broadband connection and can cost half the price of a cell phone call.

WiFi-enabled phones can also detect WiFi hotspots and switch to WiFi mode to send emails, download files, and other functions.

When a WiFi-enabled cell phone is in a building with WiFi access, calls are transferred from the traditional cell phone network to the local WiFi network, with the advantage, thanks to VoIP technology, that calls are not interrupted.

If the WiFi VoIP call takes place inside a building or near a WiFi hotspot, the call can be seamlessly transferred to the traditional mobile network, even if the user moves out of the hotspot during the call.

5. Integration with other software

Another important advantage of Wireless VoIP Phones is integration with applications, systems, and platforms.

A concrete example of this advantage is the integration between VoIP and CRM. Basically, CRM is a customer relationship management system.

Today, you can integrate call logs with these platforms to track customers. The customer’s journey who is contacted by the sales team is then tracked.

Similarly, CRMs can engage customers acquired through other brand channels like social media and websites. It can also contact them via VoIP lines.

So the benefits of this integration are obvious. This way, you can not only collect leads but also identify them and make the content you send more effective.

In fact, VoIP calls are also a strategic way to establish this type of relationship with customers. Record keeping also gives you more control over your service team.

This information can help you make important decisions. For example, you need to train your staff to improve their skills. And it can make a difference when planning your marketing team’s activities.

6. Mobility

The Internet on mobile devices is getting faster and faster, and you can use this technology from anywhere.

The only tool needed for Wireless VoIP Phones is an Internet connection. VoIP can be used from anywhere that has access to the Internet.

In this sense, VoIP allows the use of virtual calls on cell phones. Moreover, it is very fast, as you only need to install the appropriate application on your device.

This already guarantees the mobility of the cell phone and leaves no gaps in the interior for the customer.

7. Free inter-branch calls

With VoIP, calls between branches are free, saving you a lot of money on your phone bill. This way, you are no longer limited to internal communication.

This way, information can be exchanged faster and at no extra cost to your finances—a good option for those who want to expand their business.

Wireless VoIP Phones adapt to the growth of your business. Mainly because of the scalability of this technology.

So, for example, if you need new subscribers for the IVR, you can solve the problem immediately. Or, if you need to downsize your team and, therefore, your phone lines, you don’t need to spend time and money to do so. 

8. Flexibility

VoIP technology allows you to access your VoIP line from anywhere globally, as long as you have an Internet connection. In addition, any device connected to the Internet, such as cell phones, tablets, and computers, can be a recipient of the line. Another major benefit of VoIP technology for small and medium-sized businesses is that the integration of voice, email, and additional features such as call waiting and call forwarding is proving to be crucial to business productivity. 

Are the Wireless VoIP Phones systems right for your business?

Of course, any proposal that requires a significant change in how a business operates is very risky. Switching to a Wireless VoIP Phones system can be confusing because of all the available services and features. Looking at the fine print will not help you make the right decision. It is always best to have an experienced and trusted advisor for such important business decisions. 

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