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Top AWS Developer Interview Questions You May Face

In this generation, a lot of companies have involved themselves in cloud platforms and the use cloud platform for convenient and easy storage of information. Cloud services provide companies with a lot of other benefits and most of the benefits are very technical. It becomes really tough for a company to handle all the cloud services without the help of a professional. There are a lot of options when a company has to look for a cloud service, but the most significant and commonly used cloud platform is the Amazon Web service.

 What exactly is AWS?

Amazon Web services are one of the leading cloud platform providers and are used globally. Amazon Web services are considered unique because of the unique features it provides such as maintaining the infrastructure of the Information technology sector for a company. Amazon Web services are considered to be one of the safest cloud services as it comes with their own security tools which protect the network from any kind of Cyberattacks and provides companies with the reliability and assurance of complete safety.  The Amazon Web service is easy to use and it comes within on complex interface which makes working with AWS Certification very convenient. Amazon Web service comes with mobile versions where a person can get access to the AWS and can experience equal functionality.

Even though Amazon Web service easy to use, it becomes tough for a company to maintain the usage as Amazon Web services without the help of a professional. This makes a lot of companies prefer having a professional who has a certification of Amazon Web services. Amazon Web services provides certifications to professionals you have been trained to successfully use Amazon Web services through training programs. But to get a job something which is equally important to clear along with the certification is the interview. the interview is the place where the panel judges and marks the candidate applying for the job. The test is knowledge skills and abilities to work for the organization in the respective sector.

The Interview

Most of the companies have of human resource professionals to select a candidate who is appropriate and fits with the portfolios of the company.  The interview is start with the basic introduction and is followed by a set of questions which are a parameter to judge the capability and efficiency of the candidate. He panel usually categorized the candidate into two parts which are fresher and experienced candidates. The questions are mostly the same but the experience candidates are more likely to face a little tough to answer questions because they already possess the experience of working as AWS professional.

1.     What exactly is AWS?

Amazon Web service is a cloud platform which is provided by Amazon for a lot of companies to store their data and information with great safety and security. Along with storage services Amazon Web service provides a company with a lot of other benefits for which a lot of companies before working with Amazon Web services. Here we can learn AWS Certification at Sprintzeal.

2.     According to you what are considered as the key components in AWS?

Amazon Web service is highly functional and it consists of a lot of features which can be considered as a key feature for a company. This features are the route 53, identity and access management, the S3, the elastic block store and the elastic compute cloud.

3.     What do you understand by the term S3?

S3 is the acronym which is used for simple storage service which is one of the services provided by Amazon Web services. this interface is one of the most functional interface as it is used for data storage. The feature of this component is that it allows you to retrieve lost data at any moment.

4.     What do you understand by Auto Scaling?

We always know there are certain times when there can be a rush during the business hour, so Amazon came up with auto-scaling. Auto-scaling creates duplicate instances to tackle traffic during business hours.

5.     What is the largest number of buckets a professional can set with one account?

By default it is said that a person can use the maximum number of hundred buckets from a single account while using Amazon Web services.

These are a few important questions that a candidate can come across while interviewing for the post of AWS professional. Tough, Few questions can vary as Amazon Web service consists of a lot of technical aspects that the panel might want to test. The initial introduction would include the background and the educational qualifications of the candidate.

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