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Top 8 App-Based Business Ideas for 2022

Mobile apps have grown at a tremendous rate over the past few years. Undoubtedly, mobile apps have transformed every business sector, especially during the pandemic season several businesses have started operating digitally.

According to Statista, it has found that mobile apps will reach $693 billion by 2023. Apart from that, nearly 5 million mobile apps are available on Google Play Store. And more and more thrilling and fascinating games are making their way into the mainstream markets every other day.

Now you can realize how much it is important to have a custom-made mobile application for the success of any business.

So, if you’re a retailer or a business owner who hasn’t introduced a mobile application for their business. You are already missing out on a lot on your plate.

If you’re wondering about which category of app you should develop for your business, you’ve already reached the right platform.

Check out our article to get a glimpse of the top 8 app-based lucrative business ideas.

Ecommerce Apps

As we are moving towards digitalization, several businesses, including enterprises, IT sectors, and marketplaces, have shifted towards e-commerce sites. E-commerce apps not only benefit business owners. Instead, it also provides great value to customers and consumers. Now, customers can easily shop from anywhere at any time without necessarily visiting the stores.

The evolvement of e-commerce apps has brought a significant change in the e-commerce industry. So, if you are someone who wants to develop an e-commerce app for their business, you should collaborate with any award-winning e-commerce app development company for your app needs.

On-Demand Apps

The secret behind the success of apps entirely depends on on-demand app development services.

The greatest examples of on-demand apps are Netflix, Uber, Amazon Prime, Tinder, and Muzmatch. Look how these brands are growing rapidly due to providing facilities in one place, just like ordering food and booking a ride.

Besides, with on-demand apps, you can easily connect with your customers and engage them with your products and services.

So, if you want to stand out among your competitors, you should go for having an on-demand app related to your industry. If you are particularly looking for an on-demand app development company, you can choose any reliable company operating in the USA.

VR Apps

Currently, VR apps are quite in-demand as they allow visitors to easily check out any brand’s digital products or services. Basically, it provides a feeling of sense and taste of products in the real-world environment.

Besides, VR apps are considerably exceptional as they not only attain customers’ interactions but also convert those interactions into transactions without difficulty.

Mobile apps have further leverage due to the implementation of VR technology.

Overall, you can easily divert 100% of customers’ attention via these apps.

Some of the great examples of VR apps are Gravity Sketch, Space Exploders, and Guardian VR.

Healthcare Apps

The Healthcare industry is one of the crucial industries as there are multiple challenges involved in it.

Due to the evolvement of healthcare apps, it becomes easier for patients as well as doctors to communicate easily. Besides, it reduces the need for customers to visit hospitals to see their doctors.

Other than that, it allows customers to order their medicines online without necessarily visiting the pharmacies. Additionally, these apps provide access to doctors to track their patient’s entire medical history within just a few minutes. All these benefits ultimately reduce operational costs.

In a nutshell, healthcare apps are a blessing in disguise for doctors, patients, and other healthcare staff.  

Real Estate Apps

With mobile apps, businesses can easily engage with their customers and sell their products or services more quickly and easily.

Real estate apps, in particular, open the doors to several opportunities for both buyers and sellers. In fact, with these apps, it has become more effortless to sell and purchase properties.

Now, sellers can easily enlist any of their property along with pictures, and the interested buyers can directly check out the property online. Due to these apps, visitors don’t need to visit the property itself; instead, with the app, all the purchasing factors, including paperwork and other legal documentation, are easily handled by the sellers online.

So, if you’re a real estate owner or a property dealer, you should opt for real estate mobile apps.

Blockchain Apps

The word cryptocurrency and blockchain is quite a buzzword these days. Mostly business owners and consumers are investing in these technologies due to a multitude of benefits. Blockchain apps, particularly, brought a significant change in the supply chain, retail market, financial services, and trading centers. So, if you have a retail business and you’re looking to expand, you should definitely invest in blockchain technology apps.

Food Delivery Apps

Just like other industries, the food industry is also gaining immense popularity. Now customers can easily order their favorite subway or cinnamon rolls at any time. And mobile apps specifically for ordering food are the new norm these days.

Food delivery apps permit shoppers to access a wide variety of restaurants and meals. Besides, it allows shoppers to access deals and discounts with a single click.

Consider an example of the biggest food chain suppliers, Door Dash and Uber eats. Both of these eateries collectively attain 57 percent of the market share, as per the study found in 2022 by Statista.

Now you can assume how money-making food delivery apps are. As an enterprise, you should introduce exquisite food delivery apps in order to attain more customers in a short span of time.

Reading Apps

Mobile apps are one of the outstanding digital assets that not only help improve ROI but also give your business stability in the long run.

Reading apps, for sure, are a great investment in order to compete with your competitors. These apps are highly useful for enthusiast readers as they allow readers to read any book or digest online as well as offline mode. However, there are very limited reading apps available on the Play Store.

Thus, if the budget is not an issue for you, and you want to introduce something exciting, you should definitely invest in launching reading apps. Needless to say, reading apps are a great kickstart to double your sales in the short duration.



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