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Top 6 Marketing Trends for Podcasts in 2022

A podcast is a series or collection of digital files that can be downloaded through the internet. The file can be audio or video, it depends on what you want to sell or convey through your podcast. Since these files are available for download so even if you are busy, you can just download the episode you want to watch or listen, to and check that out in your free time.

You can host a podcast individually or with a group of people — the person hosting a podcast is known as a podcaster. The purpose of these episodes is to share certain news, and stories, or generally have a conversation. You might be wondering, how come this medium has become so effective over time.

Is it Easy to get Fame with Podcasts in a Day?

Well, today, if you want to spread any news even if it’s just a rumor, you just need to put it on social media. And in no time it will spread like a wildfire. However, this is not the case with podcasts, you have to put a lot of effort to host even a single episode of it. And don’t expect it to get viral overnight because this might take some time. Because this isn’t a sort of nursing essay writing service that will deliver the results the next morning.

Podcasts have always been there but not so many people paid attention to them. Interests change over time and that is why this medium got highlighted in the pandemic when everyone was stuck in their homes. When you couldn’t go out but had to keep the business going, people turned to social media. That’s where podcasts came in handy, many of us started hosting our podcasts for different purposes and one of them was marketing.

Six Podcast Marketing Trends for 2022

We thought of sharing some podcast marketing trends you can use to boost your presence in this digital world. Below are the six marketing trends you should follow to become a marketing champ!

Promote through social media

As we have discussed above that how social media is quite dominant when it comes to spreading anything. Just like that, you can use social media to promote your podcast too. Well, there is no harm in trying at least — social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, and now Tiktok is also in the race. But here is the thing, you might need consistency to keep your viewers or listeners engaged.

You might have watched short clips circulating on Fb and Insta, right? The reason why they don’t post the whole thing there is because they want to redirect viewers to the actual page. Curiosity is what leads them to the main page and that’s how you generate a good amount of traffic to your podcast.

Build a loyal community

The next trend is to build a loyal community. You might wonder, how? So here’s the answer. It might sound hard to do but trust us, building a community on social platforms are quite easy. You just need to find communities and groups that have similar interests as yours and you are good to go. You can also join groups through the internet and grow your network. The reason why we add the factor of loyalty here is that these people are going to make your podcasting journey even more interesting.

Produce content that people want to watch and share with others — this will gradually expand your group and you’ll become familiar. Your audience will start recognizing you outside the podcasting world. Always remember that you don’t need any degree to master the art of it. However, you might need a dissertation writing service to complete your degree.

Go live

Now, this is something everyone is familiar with. The rise you see in the live podcast is something that is going to grow continuously and there is no end to it. Moreover, why would podcasters stop going live when this is the most effective marketing tactic? When people who aren’t even podcasters or YouTubers can go live just to talk about unnecessary — you can expect them to storm pretty much every platform. 

The great thing about live sessions is that the audience feels they are being a part of these live episodes. Now, this is a more entertaining way of keeping everyone engaged than a recorded episode. Plus you can talk to your audience and make them participate in the discussion in real-time. 

Internal communications

We believe if you have an internal community you already have your audience, and by that, we mean your, employees. This is the best thing about having a large size brand. All you have to do is to engage those employees and let them know about the existence of your podcast. Another thing you can do is to motivate them to participate in your sessions and they can also pour in suggestions. Appreciate them for tapping and sharing the podcast to grow more audience. Even if 10 employees bring 10 other listeners, you can imagine it won’t take you a lot to reach the next level. 

Podcast SEO

Search engine optimization is important whether you are building a website or a podcast channel. And this is the most organic way to gain a good amount of followers. All you have to do is to find someone who knows the right tactics of SEO. In the meantime you make sure that you are using the right keywords, your formatting is on point, and your tags are correct. When you keep an eagle eye on everything, you are most likely to attract more relevant people. For instance, if you want to release an episode about the importance of mental health, now to rank this episode on SERP, you need to add relevant keywords and formatting. If your keyword placement is good then you are good to go. 


The last trend on the list is, contests. Now, it’s clear that nothing is free in this world and therefore you might have to invest a little too. So, what exactly do you have to do here? This can be an expensive yet effective way to boost your audience in no time. You just need to run contests. Not daily of course. You can offer them gift cards, products, skincare, services, free subscriptions, and much more. But they have to win it through a contest by following all the rules. 


As we all know that it is human nature that you’d rather pay attention to something visible to you. Marketers understood the assignment and started working on it and with each passing day, social media platforms flooded with podcasts.

Some of those series were purely based on two people having a general conversation about simple products. The reason why these podcasts are successful today is that podcasters are capable of making them interesting.

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