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Top 5 shaving brands in India you need to know

When it comes to necessities, then shaving kit for men is as important as other daily things. After all, men need to keep themselves properly groomed. Well, most men love to sport a beard for style, but the same is not the case with other men, who love to prefer a clean-shaven look. Now sometimes it becomes a bit confusing as to which better shaving brand is more in trend. Well, to know this answer we are going to list down some of the top shaving brands in India. But before that, it is important to know the use of shaving creams as per your skin. 

Shaving cream use: Why do men need it?

One needs to know that beard hair is not the same as the hair on the body. They are coarser, thicker, and wiry. This is when the role of shaving cream becomes important. It results in a smoother and more convenient shaving experience. The facial skin varies from man to man. Suppose anyone has oily and sensitive skin, then applying foam cream will be suitable for him. It would be better if it contains green tea or aloe vera. On the flip side, if a man has dry skin, then he must use that shaving cream that does not have alcohol content. 

Now coming up with the reasons why men need shaving creams, then there are several reasons for that. 

  • It makes you feel refreshed with a clean look
  • Shaving minimizes the possibility of burns and cuts
  • It lessens friction
  • Retains moisture in the hair and hydrates the skin
  • Doing shaving cuts down irritation and redness on the skin
  • Facial hairs are removed with fewer efforts
  • Nourishes hair follicles and skin
  • A layer of protection between the skin and razor blades is provided

Guide for perfect shaving

1st Step

When you go to the bathroom, put some warm water on your face. This will result in the opening of the pores in the skin and makes your facial hair softer. The next steps are followed simply and safely.

2nd Step

Now open your shaving cream tube, and put some cream on your wet shaving brush. Note that the layer of the cream must be smooth. Do not put the excess quantity of cream, as there is a need for a few. 

3rd Step

Now start applying the shaving cream to your beard and lather it on your beard both sides. 

4th Step

Now comes the part where you have to be very careful. It is applying the razor blade to remove the beard. Do it very gently, as if forced upon can let your skin bleed. 

5th Step

You are done yet after shaving. Rinse your hair with cold water

6th Step

If you are not comfortable with applying after-shave lotion as it chills up your skin, then you have moisturizer, toner, or oil as alternatives.

Top 5 Shaving brands for men in India

Now let us get back to our topic on the best shaving cream brands for men. 

Bombay Shaving Company

Bombay Shaving company is a big name in the men’s grooming products. It is hard to miss when it comes to naming the top-shaving brands in India. The reason that makes it a popular choice is it contains elements of aloe vera, tea tree oil, beeswax, and menthol. When you apply this shaving cream, you will feel a very convenient flow with your razor while shaving. Later on, it feels like the skin is moisturized. Bombay Shaving cream helps in hydrating the hair follicles and skin. No matter if you have oily or dry facial skin, this shaving cream suits all skin types. 

Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam

Coming on to the next is Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Shaving Foam cream. It is acquainted with ingredients Vitamin E and Chamomile. It is free from alcohol and is protective in case of redness, cuts, burning, and tightness. 

Gillette Classic Regular Skin Pre Shave Foam

If you are looking for an amazing razor glide for your sensitive skin, then Gillette Classic Regular Skin Pre Shave Foam is the answer. Its thick foam and consistent cream foam give you a comfortable and safe shaving experience. Men who have sensitive and dry skin must use Gillette Classic Regular Skin Pre Shave Foam. 

Old Spice

When it comes to listing the best shaving cream brands, then the list is incomplete without the mention of Old Spice. This shaving cream is best in its rich lather and creamy texture. While doing shaving, it lets the razor move softly. Another thing that makes Old Spice appealing to men is its refreshing musk scent. 

Axe Signature Shaving Cream

Axe comes as another top-shaving brand in India. It is best for moisturizing skin. When applied it gives a cooling effect and does not irritate the skin, burning sensation, and redness. It comes with a citrus scent. This shaving cream is best suitable for those having sensitive and dry skin. 

Ending note

So, guys, these are some of the top shaving brands in India that you need to prefer if you have sensitive, dry, or oily skin. One should be careful when it comes to choosing the right kind of product, as there are counterfeit products that dampen the reputation of big brands, and sweeps away the customer traffic. However, you can rest assured with MedGrids as anti-counterfeiting solutions, that assure the well-being of the consumers.

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