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Top 5 Reasons Your CDR Gets Rejected and How You Can Cope with the Problems

Australia has become the most popular country for international students. Especially for engineering students who want to sharpen their skills and make a career here. It has a sociable environment to grow in their career. Australian institutions provide a great infrastructure for higher education as well. Students from all around the world have dreams of getting educated here and securing a good job. Apart from facing barriers in getting aligned with the culture, they are prevented from acquiring a migration visa. The most likely cause is the CDR Australia. The CDR, which stands for Competency Demonstration Report, is necessary for engineers to prove their skills. It is a report to see whether the applicant has the ability to survive here and is ready to support the economy. 

There are a lot of things that are required to pass the test. Failing to do so, they get rejected. However, there is always a solution to this. The most common reasons that lead a CDR file to rejection are listed below. If you consider these steps, you may be able to overcome them.

 Not Following EA Guidelines  

Engineers Australia is an assessment authority that handles this modus operandi. They have strict guidelines for this process. In the instruction, there are few things clearly mentioned, such as that your CV must provide information about your education and work experience in brief yet thorough manner. Moreover, it is stated that the page must be A4 size and should not be limited to more than 3 pages. Make sure to read all the guidelines carefully before drafting the document.

 Lack of Information in the Career Episode Report 

Most engineers commit this mistake when they apply for the very first time. They present themselves as a contributor to a successful project. It may be a great idea when interviewing for a job. It shows that you are comfortable working with a team. But here you are asking for migration to Australia. In what way could this help to do the same thing here? Present yourself as an individual who knows how you made your way through this project. Instead of using ‘we’ in the write-up, use ‘I’. It will help you give out the information that is most relevant to them.

 Not Aware of the Required Word Count 

Rationalising the process with excessive information is not the best way all the time. Keeping it too short in length is not a good idea either. EA requires you to write the document within the limit of 1000 to 2500 words. You need to mention all the information in detail. The authorities shouldn’t have to struggle to digest that many details. It is better to plan for each section in the document. It may save your file from being rejected, as it is also one of the most common reasons.

 Avoid the Plagiarism Problem 

Plagiarism could be a big concern. You should not wish your document to be approved with copied data. There are samples available on the internet. Some candidates use them as they are. As a result, they face denial. You should keep in mind that these pieces are just for reference purposes. They are designed to let you know what should be included in the write-up. These documents contain ideal information. Moreover, using someone else’s data won’t help you crack the process. You have to show only what you have got throughout your career.

 Not Using Proper Australian English  

Using Australian English may not be a determining factor, but if you take care of this thing, it will make everything much easier for the examiners to understand. Make sure you use good English in the document. Unable to build the bridge for communication may build a bad impression. It is also a self-evident truth that if they strike with poor communication, in the beginning, it will carry negative energy throughout the evaluation process. So, make sure you are perfect.

Up to the Reader 

After reading this article, you may have realised that it is not about the effort you put into preparing the document that counts, it is about having proper knowledge and understanding of the procedure. There may be some reasons you may not be aware of, but the ones mentioned above are the most common reasons candidates get rejected. If you take care of these things while applying for CDR to get migration, your profile may get selected even on the first attempt.



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