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Top 5 European Design Schools

1. European Institute of Design

Covering offices in Rome, Milan, Florence, Turin, Venice, Cagliari, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, S سوo Paulo, Italy, Spain, and Brazil, it trains professionals in a variety of fields. Including interior design and public space design. And not just for beginners but for professionals as well. Courses A to Z focus on project development.

How to proceed

Submit the required documents (depending on the college and country) and schedule the initial interview on the website.


Course and experience duration can range from,000 4,000 to,000 17,000, depending on the city.


Italian, Spanish, or English. There are several options: for example, in Milan, similar interior design courses are taught in English, and in Rome in Italian.

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where to live?

The house should be rented independently during the study period. But in some cities, projects can help students find affordable rental apartments.

2. Aindhuvan Academy of Design

Known for its deep learning approach, each course is run by a well-known instructor. Subject matter preparation: context design, social design, and data design

How to proceed

The initial selection will depend on the cover letter and the portfolio offered. If the first option is successful, it must be submitted by April 1. They will be called for an interview. If you bring your wallet to an educational institution, the policy may be reduced.


Submit 500 euros before the interview. The total cost is € 13,000 per year + approximately € 100 as a one-time fee for the entire course.


English TOEFL 550 or IELTS 7 or Cambridge proficiency test

3. Bergen National Academy of Arts

The Bergen National Academy of Arts was founded in 1772 on the model of the Copenhagen Institute. It is one of the two best universities in Norway to date: professionals trained in specific fields, such as interior design. Furniture design and interior architecture

How to proceed

A copy of the application form, motivation letter, passport, and wallet must be submitted by February 17. To apply for a master’s degree, you must have at least 180 credits at the undergraduate level.


The good news is that training is free. The cost of living is from 10,000 euros per year.


Knowledge of English and Norwegian on TOEFL 61, and IELTS 5.0 is required for the seminar.


Scholarships for three students from Central and Eastern Europe were selected by the committee. No additional documentation is required for the scholarship.

4. National School of Decorative Arts

In many areas, emphasis is placed on areas of application. Graphic and multimedia design courses, printing technology, industrial and textile design, as well as interior design.

How to proceed

Passport with a valid visa, application required, portfolio and pre-interview required. The deadline to submit documents is February 7, and the entrance exam is usually held in the spring.


600 to 1200 euros per year


French is required at the level of TCF approval.

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5. St. Martin’s College of Art and Design

It covers almost all possible topics. It is considered to be one of the largest branches in Europe. It is not necessary to go to London, an art and design specialist for admission. Admission papers can be submitted to the representative office in Moscow.

How to proceed

There is no application deadline for students applying through an international representative or directly to a particular college. So apply as soon as possible.

Most courses require a portfolio with their application: to be properly prepared. It is best to consult or enroll in a portfolio preparation course in college.


000 to 13,000 per cycle per year


IELTS 6.5 offers a variety of day and night language courses to prepare English-level international students.

where to live?

The College has 11 residences for non-Europeans in different parts of London. The college guarantees accommodation for the first academic year, but only if the application is submitted on time.

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