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Top 5 best WhatsApp status saver apps

After Facebook & vine video downloader, now it’s the time to make you aware of WhatsApp’s best status and story saver. These are the most trendy apps, and every user of WhatsApp like them. It is because it allows you to conveniently save & download the statuses shown on the status category of WhatApps. There are plenty of story savers for WhatsApp available on the internet, but the apps we are going to mention in this post are amazing for saving the stories and statuses of your friends.

Top Fives Best Status Saver for WSD:

Below are some of the best tools that can help you download your friends’ statuses.

Story Saver for WhatsApp | WSD:

This story saver for WhatsApp is undoubtedly an important utility that your android mobile phone can use. With an amazing status saver for WhatsApp WSD, you are allowed to save videos and live images posted by your family & friends. When you need to be embarrassed by asking your friends to send their uploaded status, the days are gone. Thanks to the modern world, technology that makes use enables us to save the statuses without informing them.

Features of our status saver for WhatsApp:
You can find hundreds of status downloader applications for WhatsApp, but none of them can compete with the features that we offer:

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Compatibility with all android devices
  • Helps you save all kinds of images, and videos in your gallery
  • Provides sharing options for saved statuses
  • No signup or login required
  • Complete data privacy
  • Light on storage
  • Instant downloads – Superfast speed
  • Saves status from personal, parallel, and business WhatsApp accounts
  • Catchy Quotes for status

Status Saver For WhatsApp by THE APPS FESTSocial:

This is another amazing addition to your list of best five-story savers for WhatsApp WSD. This app is specially designed just for saving or downloading WhatsApp statuses. To save the statuses from WhatsApp, you need to choose a specific category, and after it, you need to choose the images or videos that you want to save for offline use. Once you choose the stuff for downloading, then click on the download button to save the statuses shown on WhatsApp.

Status Saver – Whats Status Video Download App:

This is the best WhatsApp status downloader app that lets you quickly save all types of statuses. Not only one, but multiple statuses can be downloaded at a time. In case your mood changes and you do not want to download any picture or video, you can also easily cancel it. This app also supports auto-downloader, built-in media play, quick view of updated statuses, direct chats, etc.

All Status Saver For WhatsApp – Status Downloader:

This is a fantastic Whatsapp status downloader app. It gives you many funny videos, hot movies, trendy songs, and much more to watch, enjoys, and share on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. All video content can also be downloaded. There are also many impressive WhatsApp statuses that you can pick according to your mood. This app has also made it easy for you to save friends’ statuses and get quick alerts for updated statuses.

Status Saver:
This is the most popular and fastest WhatsApp status downloader app for android. You can easily download the desired WhatsApp statues, pictures, and videos. No status will be missed again because this app will send you notifications whenever your friends update their status. One and more statuses can be saved in minutes. Like Instagram reposting apps, this app also lets you repost the things you like and remove whatever you dislike.

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