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Top 10 Business Magazines in India 2022 

Indian business magazines are the best place to share your lucrative business ideas. At Bright Side, we constantly work towards making your goals possible and help you by providing information on all kinds of businesses in India. Specialized business magazines like Entrepreneur and Forbes provide us with the latest updates, and many other exciting and moody styles.

The Top 10 Business Magazine in India 2022 will be divided into various areas: finance, administration, and future enterprises, investment advice, and many other topics within this field. These are significant articles to update your knowledge on the latest business news.

Top Business Magazines in India 2022 is a reference guide for aspiring and established entrepreneurs who want to succeed through a business venture. It is an essential, easy-to-use tool that provides you with the information you need to get started as well as the strategies to help your business grow in today’s competitive market.\

List of Top 10 Business Magazines in India 2022

Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek is a weekly magazine that brings you news, analysis, opinions, and advice on technology, finance, and business. Live events bring the world’s top CEOs and leaders to discuss the future of business. It was first published in 1929, and offers analysis and information on global business, investing, and financial markets. It is the most highly viewed magazine in America with a circulation of 725,000 copies. Its website provides data, and analysis on topics such as energy, consumer goods, and technology.


 Forbes was founded in 1917 and has been a pioneer in the magazine publishing industry ever since. Forbes is known for its coverage of the business world, with a specific focus on entrepreneurship, investment, and money management. The magazine was founded by B. C. Forbes and his two partners M. B. Greber and R. J. Ruben Jr., all of whom were members of the extended family of prominent banking and financial institutions in New York City and were members of the prestigious Manhattan Club. Forbes provides its readers with valuable insight and information through its magazine, website, and social media channels about the people and success stories that matter most to them. This is one of the famous magazines that shape the political and business landscape.


A subscription to Wired magazine, one of the leading technology magazines in the world, allows you to follow the evolution of business from a technology point of view. The magazine has maintained its status quo as one of the most read magazines for its Tech-orientation and the erudition of effects that technology is having on business and entrepreneurship. Moreover, it has imbued vividness of knowledge regarding the various aspects of tech orientation and tech enthusiasm across the globe. Just about everything a professional needs to know about computers, communications, music, mathematics, and science can be found here.


Entrepreneur magazine is a great resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Since its inception, the magazine has been providing the roadmap to success for people who want to start their own companies. It offers details about high-tech marketing trends, real-world business stories, and other relevant information that can help you run your business in an innovative way. An entrepreneur is one of the most respected sources for people looking for start-up funding. The magazine, which has been published since 1977, provides practical advice on growing a small business through interviews with successful entrepreneurs, case studies, and feature stories.


Fortune magazine compiles and publishes an annual list that ranks 500 of the top US firms by total revenue for their respective fiscal years. The list contains both publicly traded and privately held businesses with publicly available financial information. The Fortune 500 was founded in 1955 by Edgar P. Smith, a Fortune editor. 

Fortunes provide in-depth coverage and analysis of international news, politics, business, and finance as well as articles on technology, health care, and travel. Each month you will find editorials from the magazine’s writers to give you valuable insights into issues that affect your business and investments.


The Economist is a globally renowned weekly news and international affairs publication. It was founded in 1843 by James Wilson who, with the help of friends, selected articles published in more than two dozen newspapers and magazines and then had them bound together. The initial plan was that new updates would be added annually but this changed when the first edition of 6,000 copies proved to be so popular that a second and third were ordered.

It’s a worldwide known magazine that covers every minute detail of erudition pertaining to business and entrepreneurship.

Business Today

Business Today is a weekly magazine that provides its readers with strict, unbiased, and informative reviews of the latest technology, business practices, and products. Here you can read about how businesses are shaping up in today’s increasingly competitive world. This includes startups that are defining new ways of doing things and established companies that are changing their business models to keep up with an ever-changing world. It is a must-read for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to learn which strategies are working in the current economy.


Outlook is a magazine that covers various aspects of branding, marketing, and advertisement. It keeps a sharp eye on the advertisement ideas that are catchy, innovative, and also have a high level of creativity. Moreover, it brings innovative and interesting stories about the best advertisements by covering the latest news and trends in this field. OutLook Magazine is aimed at keeping up-to-date with the most recent developments in the field from across the world.


Inc is a magazine that delivers articles that cover various methods to boost public speaking skills and profiles of blooming companies. These articles are written with utmost professionalism which makes the reader feel like he or she is right at the forefront of the action. It also analyzes the latest trends and updated in business. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for ways in order to grow, or want to start one, then Inc. is a good place to get started. The articles on Inc. deliver insights in almost every category of business aspects including customer service, marketing strategies, latest trends and social media practices.

Business Outreach

Business Outreach is India’s only print magazine focused on the business technology market which serves among the top business magazines in India. The publication has been designed to help Indian enterprises make better business decisions through a detailed analysis of the latest technological innovations and their impact on various businesses. It is a platform that brings together CXOs, CIOs and technology buyers from various industries across India to share their views and experiences with the readers. This edition focuses on technology adoption in the Indian market by gathering industry experts from across India onto one platform to start a dialogue so we can learn from one another’s experience and wisdom. At the same time, it also points out technological innovations in the form of groundbreaking enterprise solutions for the respective segments. Therefore, it serves as a wholesome staple for the decision-makers of Enterprises.

Which business publication is experiencing the most rapid growth?

Business Outreach is the fastest growing and one of the top business magazines in India. Each issue covers a different domain and showcases the latest technology adoption, solution providers, awards, and achievements of industry stalwarts. Business Outreach serves as a platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to attain critical industry exposure, thereby expanding its market reach in subsequent years of its operations. In association with top-notch solution providers, it brings you the best practices reports on how technology is being used to address key pain points that SMEs face every day in their respective domains. 

The magazine is circulated to over 140,000+ mailboxes across India and the Middle East along with 35 Business Outlets in India. The printed publication offers a rich source of intelligence for its readership base which includes senior executives in corporate houses, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to stay ahead in their respective domains.


This list of business magazines in India is an integral part of your business diary. Be it a small business or a big production house, these magazines will help you bring out new ideas, which in turn help you to get ahead in the competition. In this Google world, where it is all about grabbing the market and having an advantage over others, you cannot afford to miss any such opportunity.

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