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Tips to Grow Succulents Indoors - Mazing US
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Tips to Grow Succulents Indoors

What are Succulents?
Succulents are plants which have fleshy, thickened leaves or with swollen stems, that helps them to store water. Basically “succulent” is derived from a Latin word sucus which means juice or sap. Succulents have the ability to survive on limited water resources i.e. dew & mist, which make them capable of being tolerant of drought. There are several species of succulents but most of the people confuse it with Cactaceae, the cactus family. But all cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti.

List of the Best Succulents to Grow Indoors

  • Jade plant (Crassula ovata)
  • Christmas kalanchoe (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana)
  • Mother-in-law tongue or snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)
  • Crown of thorns (Euphorbia milii)
  • Medicine plant (Aloe vera)
  • Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi)
  • Zebra cactus (Haworthia fasciata)
  • Panda plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa)
  • String of bananas (Senecio radicans)
  • String of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)
  • Hens-and-chicks (Sempervivum tectorum or Echeveria elegans)
  • Pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli)
  • Burro’s tail (Sedum morganianum)
  • Pebble plant or living stone (Lithops)

How to Grow Succulents Indoors
Because of its special ability succulents can survive in a dry environment and also with less water. This quality makes it possible for them to adapt to indoor growth also in a low maintenance routine. If you are also desiring to plant the succulents for the first time If you’re choosing succulents for the first time, follow these steps for successful care of your new plants.

Choose an appropriate succulent for your indoor conditions.
There are several succulents which like direct sunlight, but in the case your property is having shaded corners. Then you need to go for the low light tolerant plants i.e. mother in law tongue. If you are planning to plant your succulents in a hanging pot or platter, then a string of bananas could be a great choice. You must read the plant labels so that you could be determined about the sunlight needed and about the growth of your succulents.

Provide a very well-draining potting medium.
Nurseries always plant their succulents in the soil which is more fertile and rich in moisture. So you’ll want to repot your succulents as soon as you bring them home. If you want Succulents For Southern California then you can shop it online or can go the nurseries.

Choose your container.
While doing repotting, use a container that has a drainage hole at least 1- 2 inches larger than that of the nursery container. It is recommended to avoid the glass containers i.e. mason jars or terrariums for a long term solution. Just because glass containers don’t allow roots to breathe and may cause damage to the plants over time. As per the experts fill the bottom one-third of the container with pre-moistened potting mix, then position your plant inside and backfill with more pre-moistened potting mix.

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Place the potted succulent in a sunny location.
Most of the succulents need at least 6 hours of sunlight in a day, succulents prefer at least 6 hours of sun per day. So try to place them near the window which is facing south or east. You may notice that you are succulent and will automatically start stretching towards the light if they don’t get enough sunlight. It is also possible that in the absence of sunlight it will start decaying.

Allow the potting mix to dry out between waterings.
The biggest mistake people make with the succulents is overwatering them. It is good to water more but it is recommended to do it less frequently. You need to saturate the potting mix if the water flow is proper through the water hole or not. But you need to allow the mix to get dry before the next watering. If you keep the potting mix wet on a daily basis then the plant may die.

Fertilize your succulents at least once a year.
You need to fertilize the plants in the spring and during the late summers. You need to use a balanced, water soluble fertilizer i.e. 8-8-8 or 10-10-10. As per the experts there is no need to fertilize the succulents during the winters.

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