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Tips to do better construction

1. Get organized.

The first thing you need to make your construction process effective is proper management. 

Another thing you might have focus on project information management softwares i.e. Newforma. It helps to do team organisation and in doing project information in a quick and easier manner. 

Architects and engineers often have complex folder structures containing terabytes of data generated per project that become difficult to search and manage. “Newforma’s server is looking at all of the content of those folders, indexing the information, and then providing a way for users to search that material,” Aaron Kivett, solution consultant at Newforma, said in a previous interview with gb&d. Newforma offers email management, risk mitigation, and more.

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2. Use BIM.

It is a headache for everyone involved in construction to keep the information about the model of a building. As per the experts building information modeling benefits you in understanding about the construction and designing things also resolving the cost, scheduling and in human resource management. Also it makes it possible to function with the entire project team just because you can do work at a pace. 

3. Determine your materials’ sustainability.

Material used in building plays a biggest role in the success of a construction project. 

Are you currently working on any construction project? Check for the  sustainability of the products and look for Declare Labels.

Don’t you know about the declare labels? Developed by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), a Declare Label reveals a product’s source location, the materials that make up the product, and how the product is treated at the end of its life.

4. Plan for disaster.

Being prepared for any disaster or accident is the quality of better management. This will save a lot of future expenses for you.
You need to get your construction done from the experts. Only the products used during the construction should be of quality. 

5. Protect concrete slabs and floors with a moisture barrier.

You need to make your property foundation strong as it plays a crucial role for any construction, but also you need to protect it from moisture. 
There are several measures to find out the water level of the area where you are doing construction. If you are not getting your soil testing done then it may result in a bigger disaster. 

6. Construction Takeoff

The process of quantifying the material quantity required for a construction project by counting and measuring items from a set of drawings of construction business from general contractors and owners. 

The main question is, how to perform a construction takeoff ?

To begin the process you’ll need to know the unit of measurement the materials are sold and installed in and this can require some additional calculations, so for example light fixtures are counted as “each” while conduit and wire are measured in “linear feet” and flooring is measured in “square feet”. These are just a few examples, but we’ve outlined some of the most common units of measurements below along with common materials.


If you are from Florida and in need of any of the construction related services then you can contact Estimator Florida. They are offering the best construction takeoff service in Florida. Also you can get the free estimation for your project whether for commercial and residential areas. 

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