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Tips to deal with toenail fungal infection

A common fungal toenail infection may lead to discolouration of toenails making the same brittle and easily breakable. Similar to athlete’s foot, the scientific term given to the infection is onychomycosis. In case of such infections, the skin between the toenails overlaps your nails. The micro fungus can be observed only by using a microscope. Though it can be difficult to get it cured with an efficient doctor’s advice one can get rid of the same. Taking care of a few tips and dealing with the tone nail infection becomes easy. The nail cream fungal infection is commonly suggested as an effective anti-fungal medication. This contains ketoconazole as its basic constituent. In addition to the anti-fungal medicated cream, other forms of medication are mentioned below.

Anti-fungal medicines/ oral pills:

To cure the infection doctors may prescribe antifungal tablets that can be taken orally. This type of treatment may be a prolonged treatment that may last for approximately 2 to 3 months in case of infection in the toe. 

Antifungal creams:

Antifungal creams not only cure the infection but also prevents the infection from rising again. This has ketoconazole that helps to open the pores of the infected area so that the mucus and the other unwanted fluids may flow out. This helps in getting relief from the infection in the starting stage. If in case the infection is prolonged for a period or is not getting cured by the antifungal cream then it’s advisable to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Tropical medicines:

These types of medicines can be brushed onto the infected areas directly but this is effective only for the mild intensity of infection. This is so because these cannot penetrate the skin or the nail. Sometimes the doctors refer to the same in addition to the oral tablets.

Laser therapies and surgeries:

In case the above-mentioned medications are not effective then doctors would recommend the surgeries and laser therapy under which the infected nail is prone to be removed completely so that a new one can take its place. It should be remembered that the healthy nail is also prone to infection so ultimate hygiene and care must be taken. Include the treatment of the infection using a special light that helps to kill the fungus from this spot.

Tabbing the affected area with antifungal powders:

Spraying and tabbing anti-fungal powder on the affected areas or the areas that experience a lot of sweat is the best way to deal with the antifungal infections. This helps you to keep the area dry and cool whenever you enter your house from outside. In summers this is the best method to prevent antifungal infections. The antifungal cream for fingernails proves to be the best possible way to deal with the infection in the primary stage.

In addition to the above-mentioned treatment, it is advisable to maintain the hygiene of hand and toe fingers. This can be efficiently done by washing the same now and then. As soon as you watch the affected area applying moisturizer and keeping the area clean is the first initiative that would help with the same. 

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