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Tips to Create SEO Friendly Content – Why Is It Important?

If you are working in the SEO world, you could have heard the phrase repeatedly; content is the king. It is, to some extent. But, it is worthless if it isn’t SEO-friendly. So, basically, content isn’t the king; SEO-friendly content is. That’s why you should not only focus on the content outline you create and the words you utilize to represent your brand, but you should also focus on the SEO guidelines while writing the content for your website or your client.

Usually, freelancers and new writers say that the content doesn’t provide them with any benefit as the days of the content are gone. The content days aren’t gone; the days of irrelevant, unattractive, and unengaging content are gone. Google updates that regularly improve the SEO techniques and destroy blackhat activities always emphasize quality SEO-friendly content. That’s why you must not compromise on the quality of your content.

Here comes a problem, how to generate SEO-friendly and quality content? Don’t worry. Below are some tips that can make your work easier than ever.

Learn SEO Ranking Factors

If you want your website content to rank higher in SERPs, you should try to create the content the way search engines prefer. There are many ranking factors that you should keep in mind while drafting the content. If you successfully learn them and implement the right strategies in your content, you will quickly start getting a better ranking than you expect.

According to Google, it prefers E-A-T. If you know what E-A-T is, you are already ahead of many of your competitors, as most of the writers just know one thing; how to adjust the keywords in the content. E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) demands writers to be the expert in the field and have the authority and trust of the audience. If you build it successfully and people start acknowledging your words, no one can stop you from getting success.

Utilize the Right Keywords

The utilization of the “right keywords” is an essential factor that can help you achieve top ranking on multiple search engines. The right keywords are those that are relevant to the content and have a higher search volume but lower competition. If you successfully use those keywords in your content, the results will definitely leave you speechless. 

Besides the primary keywords, you should also utilize the LSI (Latent Semantic Index). Those keywords guide search engines about your topic and niche. Furthermore, it also assists search engines in understanding your page and enhancing its ranking. 

Make Your Content Engaging

User engagement is also another vital factor that plays a crucial role in ranking web pages and blogs. That’s why your content must be engaging, as it forces readers to stay for a longer time on your web page and take multiple actions. It also decreases the bounce rate, which ultimately helps your page get a higher ranking with time. Besides that, it also enables you to achieve other benefits that you want to gain. For example, if you are looking to educate your viewers about your business, you can do it successfully if you force them to read your whole blog.

Furthermore, engaging content can also boost sales, retain viewers, and reach a new and broader audience. Therefore, always try to make your content engaging with the words, tone, style, and most importantly, the facts.

Don’t Forget the Search Intent

To successfully employ the search intent, you should make sure that you know what people are searching for regularly. It will help you understand what they want and what you should write in your content. Once you know their search intent, directly answer their question. No one has the time to read whole blogs if they realize that they aren’t going to get the answers in them. Moreover, it also builds your authority in the relevant niche which should be one of your primary goals. 

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered one of the biggest sins in the SEO world. If you follow all of the things mentioned in the article but your content is plagiarized, you won’t get anything in return for your efforts. Whatever the circumstances are, never ever plagiarize your content as it could be deadly for your website and your reputation as well.

However, one thing is for sure, plagiarism in your content doesn’t occur only when you copy-paste other writers’ lines but can also come in your content when you accidentally write the identical lines. That’s why you need to make sure your content is unique. For that purpose, you can get help from the best free plagiarism checker available online. It shows similar paragraphs or lines that are matched with the content of other sources and that you should modify. Therefore, getting help from a reliable copyright checker is paramount for every SEO writer. Otherwise, their content will be useless.

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