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Tips on Proper Roof Tile Cleaning

The roofs over our heads are responsible for protecting us against rain, snow, and other outdoor elements. As a result, our roof tiles can quickly become tainted with mold, algae, and other organisms, creating unappealing—and expensive damage! 

We need to clean our roofs at least once every two years thoroughly. While hiring a roofing contractor is preferable, it is also possible to complete the task yourself.

But if you’re doing it yourself, you need to keep the following tips for proper roof tile cleaning in mind: 

Safety First, Get the Proper Safety Equipment

As easy as cleaning a roof seems, it can be pretty dangerous. After all, you’ll be working high up without little to no barriers to keep you safe when cleaning. You’ll need to get the proper equipment for roof tile cleaning to keep yourself safe and intact. These include:

  • Non-slip shoes. Get a pair with decent traction to allow yourself to tread the roof when cleaning safely. 
  •  Safety harness. As exaggerated as a harness may sound for cleaning a roof, it can keep you secured on top. 
  • Ladder. Buy a sturdy ladder to handle your weight, and don’t get toppled easily. 

Although it can be tempting to save some money, don’t skimp on the quality of these things for your safety. 

Aside from that, it’s best to have a partner when cleaning the roof as it makes things easier and safer. As you progress with the job, you’ll quickly find that you’ll need to go back down to get your equipment constantly. So, you can see how having a partner with you on the roof can save you a lot of time. 

The other person can pass the tools you need, and they’ll have a broader view of the roof. As a result, they can help direct you to areas that need cleaning the most. 

Use Pressure Washer for the Best Results

Tile Roof

Although you can scrub each roof tile manually with a damp rag, it’ll take long before you finish. You may have to do this for days or even weeks. So, to save yourself some time and ensure you’re thoroughly cleaning your roof, use a pressure washer. It produces a high-pressure water jet, blasting your roof tiles clean. 

Best of all, it doesn’t need cleaning chemicals or other toxic products. Pressure washers only need one thing to work: water. The only hassle here is to explore the washer’s settings to find the best amount of pressure to clean your roof tiles. 

However, handling a pressure washer can be dangerous, especially in a place as high up as a roof. So, when walking across the top, remember to place your feet in the more durable areas. You can find the sturdier spaces between the roof tiles, reducing your chances of slipping. Unless these areas have moss or plant life, always put your feet here. 

Aside from that, begin the roof cleaning at the top left corner to ensure you’re always standing on dry parts of the roof. Then proceed to clean down the bottom. 

Meanwhile, the pressure washer sometimes won’t be enough if you have stubborn plant life or moss growing on your roof. For this, you must apply an anti-moss treatment to remove them. 

Overall, using a pressure washer makes the entire process easier and more manageable. Anyone can now clean roofs like a pro, thanks to this handy tool. You don’t even need to buy a pressure washer because you can always hire one from a local cleaning company.

Check the Roof for Faults 

We know that cleaning a roof with a pressure washer is the best option as it produces plenty of water. But the downside to this is that unless you’ve done it before, it can be tricky to find the perfect amount of pressure for your roof. As a result, a lot of water might leak into your home. 

So, to avoid accidentally flooding your home, inspect your roof thoroughly for any faults. Common faults range from cracked window edges to broken roof tiles. Fix these issues before cleaning your roof to avoid water leakage. 

Use Anti-Moss Spray for Tough, Invading Plant Life and Moss 

For the stubborn moss and plant life that doesn’t want to leave your roof, use anti-moss spray for easy removal. You can add this treatment to your pressure washer and simply spray as usual. But for this part, you might want to wear rubber gloves as the chemicals may burn your skin. 

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After spraying your roof tiles with the initial anti-moss solution, give it a couple of minutes to sink into their crevices. Once thoroughly dried, rinse off your roof with plain water from the pressure washer. The previously invading plant life or moss should now be easy to wash off. 


Cleaning your roof is necessary to maintain its aesthetic appeal and durability. Regularly committing to this extends your roof’s lifespan, protecting you over time. And if you’re thinking of doing this dangerous task yourself, make it easier and safer by abiding by the tips listed. With those in mind, you’ll be cleaning like a pro in no time!

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