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Tips on Keeping Your Truck Protected from Snow This Winter

For truck owners, winter can be a tough time. Not only do you have to worry about the cold weather affecting your truck’s performance, but also the threat of snow and ice damaging your vehicle. Also, if you live in an area with a lot of snow, you’ll need to take extra steps to ensure your truck is protected from the elements. These tips will help keep your truck in top shape all winter.

1. Invest in Winter Tires

One of the best ways to protect your truck in the winter is to invest in high-quality winter tires. These special tires are made to have extra grip on snow and ice and will help you keep your truck safe when it’s slippery outside. Make sure you get winter tires from a respected manufacturer; cheap, low-quality ones may not be up to the job of keeping your truck safe on cold, slippery roads. While your truck can handle a little snow, you don’t want it to be at risk for damage. A set of winter tires will help you avoid that.

2. Use Tire Chains

If you only have a set of regular tires on your vehicle and are not using any chains, you may need to take extra steps to keep your truck out of harm’s way. Winter weather can be dangerous for vehicles that don’t have winter wheels or tires and those whose tires aren’t properly aligned and in good condition. Truck tire chains make driving easier on snow and ice, so you can stay away from dangerous patches and make your commute safer.

3. Warm Up Your Car Before Driving

Frozen steering is one of the most common problems that truck drivers run into during the winter. A cold engine can cause moisture to collect on your vehicle’s steering wheel and shift stick, which means you’ll struggle to drive more than a few feet without having trouble turning your wheel. To prevent this from happening, warm up your engine for a few minutes before driving off. Turn the heater in your vehicle on to warm up the engine and remove any clutter that may cover up the heater vents.

4. Add an Extra Layer of Insulation Around Your Truck’s Doors

If you have a pickup truck, you might need an extra layer of insulation around those doors. Many trucks have interior compartments, such as the rear doors or cargo area, that get cold in winter due to a lack of ventilation compared to out-the-door sections. If you’re worried your doors are cold and drafty, then adding insulation around the doors could help you stay comfortable inside the vehicle. You can also install insulated window shades over the windows to help keep them warm. If you do this, clean and dry the areas where insulation is being installed because moisture will build up during cold weather.

5. Get Tarps to Protect Your Car

If you’ve got a truck and want to keep it shiny and clean all winter long, then investing in a few tarps will help you do that. You can place tarps over your truck bed or buy some for windows. Even if it rains or snow during the winter, keeping tarps on your truck will keep it safe and make cleaning the vehicle easier after the season. Truck tarps also keep the elements from damaging your truck’s paint.

6. Invest in a Good Windshield Washer Fluid

In addition to driving with winter tires, ensuring you have a gallon of windshield washer fluid also makes a difference for truck owners in winter weather. Truck windshields get extremely cold if they’re not kept clean, and if they do end up fogging up, you’ll need to hydraulically remove that frosty film with a can of windshield washer fluid. You can also clear your windshield with a dry cloth.

7. Oil Your Truck Regularly

Truck owners might not think about oiling their vehicles during winter, but it’s an important procedure that can help protect the truck from moisture. Over time, moisture can build up as the cold weather hits, and you’ll need to take measures to keep that moisture from damaging your engine and transmission.


When it comes to protecting your truck from winter, these are some great steps you can take. Make sure you have a set of winter tires to avoid getting stuck in the snow and keep them properly inflated for the best performance. For your truck’s wheels, ensure they’re properly aligned and in good shape, and regularly change the oil. If you want to make it easy on yourself while cleaning your truck during the winter, invest in a few tarps so you can keep it protected.



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