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Tips On French Manicure Ideas

French nails are slowly becoming a major nail trend today. They are a simple design that makes every person who rocks in them look classy and sophisticated. Many French manicure ideas are based on your level of creativity or that of your nail artist. French nails are a throwback, but they have never grown out of fashion in reality.

To develop different French nail designs, artists play around with different colors, shapes, and nail textures. Adding different nail art also brings about different designs of the same French manicure. The following are different French manicure ideas that you can try out for your next manicure appointment.

  1. The Flowered French

Normally, the traditional French tips feature curved tips; in this design, however, the tips in some of the nails are made of flower art.

Try this French nail idea with some popping petal art for an outstanding finish. Flowered French manicure ideas are more suitable for weddings or events that will feature some aspect of excitement.

To minimize overdoing the idea, feature the flowers on a few nails and have the other nails in the usual traditional French design.

  1. The Minimalist and Multi-Colored

If you are stuck deciding on the color of French tips you want, you can comfortably blend all your favorite colors in all the fingers to come up with a unique design.

If you decide to use multi colors for the tips, you should ensure a clear base to avoid getting a dramatic result if you use too many colors for both the tips and the base.

Using a variety of colors helps the design look so amazing once the nails begin to grow out. It is the best option if you want to explore different colors simultaneously.

  1. Angular Accents

These French manicure ideas have the major feature of angular ascents for the tips. You can choose to do the angular accents with the colors of your choice. However, the number of colors used should be a maximum of two colors which should be consistent for all the nails.

  1. Double Up

The major unique feature is the double-colored French tip lines. To make the nail idea more reasonable, you will need to use thinner lines to accommodate the two lines on only the nail tips.

However, in these cases, the thickness of the lines is determined by the length of the nails. For long nails, you can get the lines a bit thicker. If the nails are short, thick lines at the tip will look dramatic.

It does not matter what your skin color is. You can use any color that you love for the lines. However, the colors used should be consistent for all the nails to avoid color clashing.

  1. Flame Tips

Flame tips feature flame art at the tips, just as the name suggests. For this idea, you can use any color of choice to design the tips as long as the base is of clear color.

You can play around with two colors for the flame or go wild with all the rainbow colors to spice up the results. 

If you want more attention on your French manicure, you can use bright colors to design the flames.

  1. Glitter Glow

Glitter glow French manicure ideas feature glitters instead of traditional French tips. It is a good option if you are doing your French manicure at home and think your hands are not steady enough to go through the normal French tips process.

The glittering glow is added after the base coat has dried up. Ensure you paint the metallic glitter of choice to only the last third of the nail. You can paint the glow in a fade to spice up the results.

  1. The Inverted French

Normally, the French manicure focuses more on the tips. The inverted French manicure focuses on the base of the nail immediately after the cuticles.

You can blend this look with the traditional French manicure or use it entirely for all the nails. The base coat should be clear, just like in other French manicure ideas.



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