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Tips For Planning Your Perfect Road Trip from Florida

Florida road trips are an awesome choice for a splendid vacation. You can drive eight hours and still be in the same state, so planning may be challenging even for locals. A variety of destinations is wide for long and day trips. Miami, Orlando, Everglades National Park, Destin – these are just the beginning of places you should see.

There are gorgeous landscapes and plenty of activities for every taste, including theme parks for roller-coaster lovers, millions of hiking trails, and sunny beaches. 

This article could be helpful during the preparation. Here you’ll find essentials that solve the 50% of journey success. 

Doing time-management correctly

The off-season is the best moment for budget traveling. Additionally, it is very convenient, because the streets and sightseeing are less crowded. Prices increase during Spring Break and Christmas. But fall and winter are good for visiting. 

Please consider that you can still get caught in hurricane season during the fall months, but winter weather is great. And perhaps, the main reason – Disneyland sells cheaper tickets while the non-peak season is on. Learn more here. 

Plan early to pay less

Group trips with friends require you to consider everyone’s schedule, which is complicated and mainly demands a few months to make specific arrangements. Other factors such as accommodation and daily costs are cheaper when booking early, and you even have lead time to change something, mostly with free cancellation. Always weigh the pros and cons without hurry and search for coupons and cashback. 

A list of money-saving sites

Browser extension apps:

  • Capital One Shopping
  • Rakuten Cash Back Button
  • Honey

Coupon/discount sites:

  • Groupon
  • Living Social
  • TravelZoo

Discount shopping apps:

  • Coupon Cabin
  • Ibotta
  • Pricepulse

Mark free locations as main in your rote

Florida is a land of breathtaking sunsets on the famous beaches and natural wonders, usually for free or free admission on certain days. For example, Harry P. Leus garden invites all comers on the first Monday without an entrance fee.

Want to have fun? St. Augustine winery offers free tours every day and a rooftop to hang out with live music and meal.

Maybe relaxing is better? More than fifty Florida museums have absolutely cost-free admission. 

Give due consideration to cars for rent 

That’s the most crucial question. A road trip in the wrong vehicle will spoil everything from the start. Little legroom, extra baggage, and overcrowding make the passengers unhappy, so we recommend picking the right car up depending on your needs and road conditions. Let’s figure it out together. 

How to rent cars in Florida

The best way is to shop around online: check affordable dates, current promotions, and a large selection of possible vehicle variants. Alamo Fort Myers airport offers affordable prices for young and skilled drivers and provides a user-friendly car policy, helping to create comfortable car conditions for every client. 

Want to make this process easier? Download the car rental app and manage your rental in several clicks: it compares prices from 990 companies and has 24/7 customer support and free amendments to schedule. 

Hacks of getting cheap rental cars without discounts

There are some ways to decrease the bill:

  1. Say no to extra options. You don’t need tolls and GPS for $30 per day, and bring some cash just in case and use your phone as a navigator.
  2. Booking during the weekdays is less expensive, so try to lay your weekend up appropriately.
  3. Don’t prepay the gas because agencies are inclined to overprice.

Drive and rest

Road also is part of your vacation. Never press on when you feel drowsy. Be kind to yourself, take breaks frequently, and stay hydrated and energetic. Healthy snacks for bites are necessary, and they are simple to prepare and well-tasted. Healthy recipes of various dishes with high protein and vitamins help survive long riding hours. 

Choose a theme for the journey

Florida regions are specifically unique, specializing in varied kinds of relaxation. The Southwest coast is perfect for a quiet beach vacation for persons who dream about a slice of heaven. Meanwhile, parties can spend nightclub-oriented weekends on South Miami Beach. 

We offer you to read the Florida road trip guide “Worth the Drive” and discuss it with your companions before identifying one of the numerous ideas. 

Try Ranger-led programs

Experience Florida state parks in the best way, not only hiking or camping, and learn about the environment around you with fun facts. In Manatee Springs State Park, rangers always share unusual information with visitors every Saturday. Do you ever guess that some snakes live young while others lay eggs? Or how are manatees related to elephants? Exclusive information must be fascinating.

Economy wisely

Saving all is the worst idea, but you can do two things and save at least $1000 without significant restrictions:

  • Avoid frequent eating in restaurants. It is not because local food is disgusting: ready-made dishes are expensive but excellent. Go to the grocery store regularly and purchase the foodstuff. 
  • Always choose two airports for arrival and watch the ticket price. It can vary depending on location. Trump and Orlando’s airports are located a short distance (1, 5 h from each other), but the second one is mostly more expensive. So take a valuable ticket deal at the optionable airport and then get over the remaining distance with a rented car. 

We hope that you will use our tips and create a bright journey. Florida is waiting for you!

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