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Tips for Flyers that Sell for Your at Craft Fairs – Trade Shows and Expos

Trade Shows and Expos A key marketing tool for promoting your business at any type of exhibition like a trade show, craft fair, gift fair, expo or art and craft show is an Informative flyer to give to customers and visitors. So when you are getting ready for your next round of shows have a fresh look at your flyer. Here are seven key areas to work with:

1. Figure out what you want your flyer to achieve for your business.

For me I want it to bring customers back to me in person and online. I want it to capture their details and to join the email newsletter. I want the flyer to give an overview of my business so it educates people about what I have to offer. By knowing this it is a lot easier for me to design my flyer or to give clear directions to other communication and marketing professionals to design this key marketing tool.

2. Use color to attract attention.

This can be as simple as colored paper with black text or with colored pictures and text. I opt for the white recycled paper with color images and text. I keep the back of the flyer blank so notes can be written on it. encourage customers to have notes written down – it helps them remember what they were particularly interested in with my jewelry or jewelry display stands and makes the flyer stand out from the rest when they get back home and find themselves with a bag full of them.

3. Keep the flyer within your budget Trade Shows and Expos.

You want the flyer to be a very affordable method of marketing for your growing business and to have plenty of them. A flyer is a work horse, not a show pony. If you have spare money you want to spend then make the flyer fancier than it needs to be. For me the flyer has to communicate a lot in a little space – special offers, locations, competitions, free tips etc.

4. Tell people where to find you on the flyer Trade Shows and Expos –

list your shows, events, shop locations and website address. This vital and I’m amaz how many exhibitors simply miss this very basic point. Customers may not be ready to shop with you straight away but they are interested enough to find you again. If you expect customers at an expo to remember specific contact details about a business then you have unrealistic expectations. People get overwhelmed at expos by all the information being presented to them. For you to be successful you must make it easy for people to do business with you and sharing your location details is vital.

5. Make it easy to update and change your flyer from lessons learned from various shows.

I write a list of lessons and ideas during and after a show so I can make the next one more profitable – well, that is the aim at least. So far it has worked. I find that I change little things on my flyers and tweak them each time. For this reason I print my flyers on my old HP color printer. It is a very cheap printer that I bought at least 5 years ago now and it has been a real blessing with its consistent production.

6. Use the word FREE on the flyer Trade Shows and Expos.

FREE captures attention like nothing else. I have a dashed box in the middle of my flyer with a red heading saying FREE Jewelry. My offer is simple, every time you order online your mention in the Special Instructions comment field the name of where you found me – so the name of the show – and you get FREE Jewelry. This lets me track online sales from the expos and shows as well as bringing people to the online jewelry store and hopefully encourages them to shop more with me.

7. Design your flyer so it is reusable Trade Shows and Expos.

I had a few Wedding Expo flyers left over from last year that I could finish using this year. If you really need to put dates on the flyers then think through your numbers. That old adage of waste not, want not is not just good for the environment but it is still spot on for looking after a business marketing budget.

So make your flyer one of your top marketing tools for your to increase sales and your customer list.

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