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Tips And Tricks To Pick The Best Rolling Tray

What should one look for in a rolling tray? These trays can be made of glass, metal, or ceramic. But which is the better option? These are some of the questions that pop into your head. 

Think of having a place to keep all your joint rolling equipment. How about a tidy, well-lit area with a level, clean surface to work? Imagine never again dropping your preferred herbs on the ground. You may have also thought, “This plate works fine; who needs a rolling tray?”

Yet, you will be sacrificing a ton of advantages that rolling trays have to offer. You can roll joints more effectively with them. Many rolling paper manufacturers offer cool rolling trays with hip and eye-catching designs. But how to pick the best rolling tray?

Think About Your Needs

Identifying your needs is the first step in picking up a product. If you’re searching for a rolling tray, consider what size will best meet your requirements and determine whether you have space on your table for one so big. If yes, proceed to buy one with the largest size available. Otherwise, look into purchasing something with a smaller screen.

Look Over The Material

Rolling trays can be made from various materials, impacting their usability and robustness. The best trays are made of metal since they are robust, affordable, and practical. The only drawback of metal trays is that they are a bit cumbersome to carry if they are heavy.

Wooden trays are also a great option because they can be made in various designs and have sections and other fun characteristics. The best, most beneficial, affordable trays are made of plastic. Despite not being as strong as wood or metal, you can always buy a new one if yours breaks or gets damaged. You can bring them along on your everyday excursions because they are simple to move around.

Size Of The Rolling Trays

You must consider how, where, and the purpose you intend to use the rolling tray. If you plan to keep your rolling trays at home, go for a larger size to put all of your things in the same place. A smaller version is an excellent solution if you need something portable or for outdoor use. Additionally, consider the place of use while selecting the material for your rolling trays.

Place-Holding Slot On The Rolling Tray

Once you’ve rolled the perfect joint, you’ll need a safe place to store the supplies securely. Meanwhile, you can organize your glass ashtray, cones, grinder, or other supplies. While you tie the subsequent joint or pack everything up prior to inhaling, you can secure your joint using a place-holding slot properly.

Cost Of The Rolling Trays

You wouldn’t want to spend all your savings on a rolling tray. You might pay around $10 for an average-sized, high-quality rolling tray. Other larger trays could cost about $20 to $30. Trays can be pretty expensive, though. The price of some metal trays with extra features might reach $40. The most expensive toys are those made of wood, which can run up to $100 based on the make, style, and characteristics.

Go For Rolling Trays With Smooth Surfaces

Consider choosing cool rolling trays with smooth surfaces so you can roll more effectively and efficiently. If your herb sticks to your tray, it appears disorganized, and more marijuana crumbs keep adhering to your tray, which is not cool.  

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, it all comes down to how you will use the rolling tray. Everybody searches for distinct qualities. Some people like their own picture or concept to be printed on it. Others might choose a tray with designated compartments for their supplies.

If you purchase a rolling tray online, there is a strong possibility that you will be allowed to return it if it fails to work out for whatever reason (as long as you aren’t dealing with an e-commerce site that only allows replacements).



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