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This is the Ultimate Guide To Buying Good Men’s Shoes

Despite purchasing shoes from popular shoe brands for twenty years, one day I decided to get a pair of sneakers worth Rs 499 from the street market. I haven’t worn them more than twice since I bought them eight years ago.

Why is that? My feet felt like they were bare when I walked on the stones. Do you like it? Nobody.

The price of men’s shoes is the thinnest layer of the process of finding a good pair.  

The features they boast and the soles they have are just as important. A single solution does not fit all. Nevertheless, we have filtered some easily digestible tips to help you choose the right men’s shoes.

1. Be aware of your surroundings

Choosing a place to wear the shoes is the first step. Are you wearing them at work? Going to an event? Will you be wearing them to the gym? Would you rather go running off-road?

Formal settings and events require dress shoes like Oxfords and Derbys. Despite being stylish and comfortable, they do not offer the same level of support and technology as road shoes.

In the same way, road shoes are designed to be worn on very smooth surfaces. You can move your feet naturally when wearing them. When running off-road, you need shoes with less cushioning, but with more grip and support.

2. Look at the weight

The difference between light and heavy shoes is amazing. For example, if you’re going for the running shoes, you might think an extra 100g won’t make a difference. If you notice a change in your running time and pattern, you’ll know that it’s important. 

Keep lightweight technology in mind once you know why you are buying a new pair.  

3. Prioritize substance over style

People generally purchase shoes based on their looks or price, but later, when they start wearing them on a regular basis, they end up injuring themselves. It might just be the material.

Speed shoes are not necessarily comfortable or supportive. There’s no doubt you can find a trendy product that performs beautifully. It is more important that you consider the material, comfort, and support when making a purchase than the price or how cool a pair looks.  

4. Invest in Techniques

If you are an introvert who goes out only once a week, you wouldn’t bother buying a pair of shoes that are super comfortable but look awful. If you wear shoes to work every day or attend dinners and events regularly, comfort becomes a necessity.

Casual runners might not pay attention to technique in the same way as professionals. Yet understanding the technology shoe brands continue to introduce through their products is an important topic to discuss.  

5. Shoe Snakes Beware

If the deal seems too good to be true, trust your instincts. Buying via private listings can result in buying fakes, so pay close attention to the box, the quality of the label, the tags inside the shoes, the placement of the label, the release date, the shoe’s SKU, the factory code.

This way you won’t buy fake shoes, which are neither good for your feet nor for your image.

6. Do Not Buy Into The Hype

If everyone is buying the same shoes, don’t buy them! Invest in what will solve your purpose, something you like, and find your own style. 

Make sure you don’t succumb to the hype just because an actor owns it or your favourite influencer recommends it. 

A lot of great shoes go unnoticed because they’re not part of the hype. Think about why you’re buying them. Does the flashiness bother you? Can they compliment your wardrobe and serve your purpose? 

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