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Things You Should Know About Express Entry

Express entry is the quickest and most convenient way to enter Canada. When intending to migrate, most individuals chose it as their first option. It is a cutting-edge, technology-driven approach to connecting Canadian immigration to the country’s unique labor requirements. Individuals seeking permanent residency in Canada must fill out an online profile so that their names are added to a pool of candidates for consideration. The program is fully online, therefore no hard copy documentation is required. Even though it is an online procedure, it is always preferable to retain a skilled immigration lawyer in UAE to assist you in applying so that there is no room for error.

Myths Regarding Express Entry

Anyone can apply for Express Entry 

Express Entry profiles can only be created by individuals who fulfil the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, or the Canadian Experience Class. If you do not fulfil all of the requirements for one of these programs, you will be declared ineligible for Express Entry.

Language scores are unimportant if you speak English or French

Candidates who create an Express Entry profile are required to take a language exam in either French or English. It makes no difference if you have a French or English degree or whether you are from a country where French or English is the predominant language. Many applicants believe that if they take the official exam and get the required minimum scores for their immigration program, their score will be as high as possible. This is not true. Candidates who reach a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 9 will have better scores than those who fulfil the minimum qualifications, and those who achieve a CLB level 10 or higher will have even more points available.

A province nomination is required for everyone who submits an Express Entry profile

A provincial nomination increases a candidate’s CRS score by 600 points, however those with high CRS scores already do not need a provincial nomination. Provincial nominations are more expensive because to provincial government costs and might take longer to process. Those who accept a provincial nomination must also indicate their intention to reside and work in the province that has granted the nomination.

To be eligible, you must have a job offer

You may not need an employment offer from a Canadian company depending on the immigration program you are eligible for. Certain applicants for Federal Skilled Worker may require a legitimate employment offer to fulfil the minimum FSW points criteria, however many candidates meet this criterion without a job offer. Candidates for Federal Skilled Trades may need a valid employment offer to satisfy the minimal program criteria; however, if they hold a certificate of qualification to perform their profession issued by a provincial or territorial government in Canada, a job offer is not necessary. Candidates who have a legitimate job offer will earn an extra 50 or 200 points on their CRS score, depending on the NOC skill level of their position. In conclusion, while a job offer is not necessarily essential to construct an Express Entry profile, it does improve your chances of being invited to apply for permanent residence.

You can only immigrate as an economic immigrant through Express Entry

While the majority of economic immigration programs are included in the Express Entry system, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) selects applicants from a pool to find qualified individuals who may not qualify under one of the three federal programs (Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class).

There are deadlines, and only a limited number of people can apply

The Express Entry program, unlike the other programs, does not have any deadlines for submitting an online application. Furthermore, unlike previous immigration programs, there are no limits on the number of people admitted into the Express Entry pool.

An Express Entry profile does not include family members

Candidates must disclose their spouse or partner, if applicable, as well as whether or not the spouse or partner will join them. After receiving an Invitation to Apply, the candidate will be asked to list their spouse or partner, if appropriate, as well as any dependents. Biological children, adoptive children, and stepchildren are all included. As long as the applicant’s spouse or partner and dependent children are not deemed to be inadmissible to Canada, they can receive permanent residence status with him or her.

You cannot make changes to your Express Entry profile once it is created

Even after being accepted into the pool, Express Entry candidates can change their information. They can update their profile information, such as their marital status, passport number, and language test results. This way, you may always aim to get a higher score than when you originally made your profile while you’re in the pool. It is recommended that you notify your immigration attorney, if you have one, as soon as any of the information change so that they can update it on time.

The CRS Score needed for Express Entry stays same all the time

The lowest CRS score chosen in 2019 was 438; nevertheless, obtaining this number does not guarantee an invitation. Whether you obtain an invitation from the federal or provincial government will be determined by a number of external criteria, as well as your own personal profile. A CRS score in the mid to upper 400s is regarded good, and it may increase your chances of getting chosen by a province. 

Hire A Professional To Create Your Profile

Hiring a skilled immigration lawyer in Dubai will help you avoid making errors or putting wrong information on your Express Entry profile, which might result in your application being refused. A lawyer can guide you through the entire procedure.

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