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Things To Prepare for A Long Ride on A Motorcycle

One of the best things to do with your motorcycle is to use it not only for daily transportation but also to use it to tour and discover new places. Yes! Motorcycle long rides are very fun to do especially when you go to new places where you haven’t been before.

Many motorcycles enthusiast do this every now and then to catch some fresh air and promote tourism to other local places, and some even organize these long rides to support a cause. But nevertheless, whatever the motivation behind may be, it is still a fun activity to do. So here are some of the most basic preparations that you can do and arrange in advance before going on these long rides.

Repair Kit

The first thing that you have to anticipate is the worst-case scenario moments during motorcycle long rides and that is when there is mechanical trouble with your motorcycle. Thus, the first thing that you have to prioritize during your preparation is the repair kit that you will be bringing along with you.

The repair kit must include self-help vulcanizing tools, mechanical oil, zip ties, duct tapes, an extra set of wheel interiors, some spare parts like sparkplugs, bulbs, and even a rope. Having these would assure you that you will be able to handle any minor mechanical trouble on the road.

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First Aid Kit

If there is a medical emergency then you need a first aid kit to address any medical need that is necessary for any person to survive and at least be well. When going on long rides you can be with a group or go solo, but when you decide to go solo, it is very important to bring along with you a packing cubes functional container with your first aid kit on it.

The reason for this is that you might end up in an accident and when there are no people around, you must help yourself first until medical support arrives. And of course, along with the medical needs, you need to bring along with you small amounts of water and snacks to munch on.

Phones and Camera

You need to document the ride, not for the sake of bragging about it on social media but you need some sort of souvenir on this epic adventure that you are undertaking. Yes, it is necessary to take pictures and videos but to post them is quite optional for anyone to do. some may want to upload it some might not but the other good thing with documenting it is when you meet an accident on the road you have some documentation to look back to and as evidence of what transpired.

Plus, you need your phone for any assistance that you might need on the road. It also pays to do some background research on nearby hotels, restaurants, and motorcycle shops that might be of great help when you need something.

One thing that you must remember in going on these long trips is that you have to prepare not just yourself and your tools but also you have to make good preparations when it comes to your motorcycle, it would be one of the most important aspects of preparations in such case because everything depends on the performance of your machine.

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