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Things To Consider When Choosing A School For Your Dyslexic Child

The best decision you can make for your child’s education is to choose a school. The difference between your child being happy and having a great time at school is what you can do to help them.

You must choose between a school with a specific focus and a regular school that offers learning support. When searching on Google for the answer to your query about dyslexia schools near me, keep the following things in mind.

The Qualifications Of The Teaching Staff

Your child may require one-on-1 specialist instruction. Make sure the staff has specialist teacher qualifications, often referred to as PG. Cert. SpLD or Diploma in Teaching Learners with Dyslexia (Levels 5 and 7 equivalent). These are the qualifications required to teach students with special learning difficulties.

Learn About The School’s Policy On Copying The Board

Although it may sound strange, this is an effective teaching method that should be banned from dyslexic children.

The delay in dyslexic students’ ability to process the content they have just read from the board and the longer it takes them to replicate it on their page will be a problem. It can create unnecessary visual stress and may lead to tracking problems. Copying-down distractions can lead to a loss of facts.


Schools must be aware that dyslexic students should be given information via handouts to avoid relying too heavily on copying from the board.

Schools should not expect dyslexic children to take their notes for lessons unless they feel confident in using assistive technologies. Instead, a handout should always be provided at the beginning of each lesson. The lesson content should be clear and easy to understand. Students won’t need to keep track of notes and can concentrate on listening and understanding.

Assistive Tech

Some schools deny students who are dyslexic the right to use a laptop in class. Other schools insist. If your child is dyslexic and can use a laptop to do their writing, there are wonderful assistive technology programs.

The ideal school would embrace these technologies. They may even have an assistive technology teacher. This is someone who knows how the software works and can help both students and teachers implement it in their classes.

Teaching Philosophy

A true multi-sensory teaching approach is needed for dyslexic children.

Any dyslexic student will not benefit from the traditional didactic teaching method of “chalk and talk”. The simple, effective methods of “hitting all senses” such as allowing students to move and get up, using visual prompts and audio sound clips, or giving them the chance to touch things or use their hands all increase the student’s chances of improving their comprehension and retention.

Specialist Training

Specialist teachers should be proficient in teaching structured and cumulative methods. For example, teachers might only present one to two new teaching points per lesson. The rest of the time would be spent reviewing and strengthening the past teaching. This approach should be incorporated into every subject and all tuition in an ideal world.

Dyslexia can often be characterized by diminished working memory. To minimize the stress on students, teachers should provide helpful information such as keywords, scaffolder worksheets, and activity timelines.

Experienced teachers will allow pupils to think for themselves before asking them questions. This allows students to take less stress and gives them more time to think.

Checking Access Arrangements

In many cases, dyslexic students have the right to extra time during exams or special support in form of a reader/scribe. You can sometimes make it possible for dyslexic students to take ‘written’ exams if they use a laptop to type or use assistive technologies.

Schools must understand how to assess students to make sure they can create the necessary access arrangements. A student may be left behind if this happens. The purpose of special access arrangements is to make sure that everyone has equal access.



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