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Things to Consider When Buying a Heavy Duty Wheelchair

For people with mobility issues, a wheelchair is a must-have. A wheelchair offers increased movement and confidence and maintains an individual’s independence. Nowadays, wheelchairs are equipped with multiple features that offer comfort, luxury, and the ability to maintain an active lifestyle. But not all wheelchairs are suitable for everyone. For instance, standard wheelchairs can carry only up to 300 lbs, whereas a heavy duty wheelchair can withstand up to 700 lbs.

A heavy duty wheelchair is made from reinforced upholstery, wheels, and a frame that enables you to move freely and without any obstacles. They also offer greater comfort, security, and mobility due to their advanced technology and features.

Following is the list of things you need to consider when buying a heavy duty wheelchair:

The User

When buying a heavy duty wheelchair, you first need to analyze the user and its intended use. For instance, does the user have a job? Do they lead an active lifestyle? Can they propel the weight of a heavy-duty wheelchair, or will a caregiver be available? Once you answer these questions, you will be able to narrow down your options and choose accordingly.

The Environment

Next, you need to consider the environment in which the heavy duty wheelchair will be used. This is because these wheelchairs are bulky and larger than standard wheelchairs and require more straight-line space when accessing rooms, hallways, or passing through doors. The floor type is also essential. For example, carpets provide increased resistance and are unsuitable for heavy-duty wheelchairs.

The Features

Next up is the wheelchair itself. Identify the reasons you are buying a heavy duty wheelchair; you want more space, you want comfort, and you want mobility. Thus, your chosen wheelchair should be ergonomic and include features like lumbar and back support, flexible armrests, elevating footrests, and more. The adjustable backrest supports good posture by aligning with your spine’s natural curve.

The wheel type and material are also considered when buying a heavy duty wheelchair. For instance, you can choose between solid or polyurethane tires made from either plastic or rubber. Each has its pros and cons. Solid tires are long-lasting but difficult to maneuver, whereas polyurethane tires are suitable for all terrains but need to be replaced after a few years.

Conclusion – Should You Buy a Heavy Duty Wheelchair?

There are multiple advantages of heavy duty wheelchairs that make them worth your while. For instance, a heavy duty wheelchair’s seat width is around 20” to 28”, meaning there is ample room for movement and comfort. Moreover, these wheelchairs are made from high-quality, durable materials and are long-lasting. Some models even have a raising or reclining feature enabling the user to relax, work, or nap in them.

Aside from this, a heavy duty wheelchair is suitable indoors and outdoors, enabling users to maintain an active lifestyle and not feel limited by their mobility issues. We hope our guide helps you find the perfect wheelchair for your needs.



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