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Things To Check Before Investing in a Fireplace Toolset

Playing with fire is something that you had been forbidden to do when you are a child. However, times change and you, as an adult can do as you, please now. Thankfully, you cannot think of inviting danger into your home and the fire in the hearth is managed and controlled as perfectly as possible. Well, you cannot do it with your bare hands either.

It would be wise to invest in a few fireplace tools that will help you to keep the fire burning merrily so that you get to bask in the warmth on long, wintry evenings. You must have a fair idea of what is needed and what is superfluous once you begin to enjoy having a fire in your hearth. Sure, you may go ahead and source the equipment individually, taking care to buy the most affordable one. Again, you may want to invest in a quality fireplace toolset that includes all necessary tools plus a beautiful holder that will add to the aesthetics of your home.

There are multiple sets available for fireplace use at present. You may want to take a close look at the tools included within the set and then gauge their quality before agreeing to the price. Some of the things worth consideration are:

Material- The variety is astounding. You may opt for steel, wrought iron, or cast-iron tools that are usually used to manufacture these tools. Stainless steel may provide you with a gleaming look that makes your interior decor stand apart. However, aesthetics is not the principal reason to invest in a fireplace too or toolset. Stick to cast iron when you want to stay comfortable indoors but decide on wrought iron tools when you are eager to start a roaring fire outdoors on winter evenings. Brass plated fireplace tools are both functional and decorative. Go for it if the price is within your budget.

Number- The number of tools included within a set plays a major role. Do check each tool individually to be satisfied with the quality. You do not want any equipment included for adornment.  It would be a good idea to be equipped with a list of the necessary tools. Checking each on the list will help you to get the right types of tools too. You need to find a fireplace poker, shovel, brush, and a pair of tongs in the set. Check the dimension carefully and match them with your requirement. The length of each tool must be between 30 inches to 3i inches ordinarily. You are welcome to request a bigger size if your fireplace is considerably larger. Look at the brush closely and consider the shape of the bristles. It is best to opt for a rounded one that allows you to clean the ash from the corners of the hearth.

Holder– You have to retain the tools in a holder that provides ample space for storage. Plus, you get to store all the tools within a single holder and hang it on the wall as a decorated artifact.

It is advisable to buy a fireplace toolset instead of souring individual tools separately.

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