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Things That Can Not Be Copyrighted - Mazing US
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Things That Can Not Be Copyrighted

Although copyright is associated with all the belongings that are solely related to the single identity or individual, it must be the original work in terms of having a tangible form of property. Copyright consultant Dubai will help you to find out which are copyright-eligible things and which are not.

The copyright law clearly states that the original work that is associated with the owner in the form of a tangible, touchable, or visible state can only be protected. The IP agent UAE is there to differentiate between the original work produced by the owner as its own intellectual property but there are still confusions and misinterpretations about what type of information can be protected by copyright.

Systematic ideas, patterns, or procedures

The specific procedures, ideas, or strategies associated with any of the business entity is not considered copyright property. The copyright law defines the categories of such things that cannot be protected.

  • The building or designing of things
  • Scientific methodologies and procedures
  • Technical information and discoveries
  • Business plans, strategies, and innovative ideas
  • Principles of mathematics
  • Calculation formulas and reactions
  • Any unique process and concept

Natural or common information

There are many pieces of information that occur naturally and do not associate with specific ownership. These common details are not eligible to have copyright protection.

  • Yearly standard calendars
  •  The graphical information
  • The dimensions and weight of charts
  • Universal truths
  • Manual of telephone directories

IP agent UAE informs about further many ineligible things regarding the copyright registrations.

Work that is related to choreography

The choreographic work is either original or associated as a signature sign of an individual but still cannot be copyrighted unless it is a videotape or notated. Copyright consultant Dubai explains that speeches, acts, performances and public communications are also not copyrighted things.

Titles, phrases, and expressions

The titles for a document or phrases used in your speeches can not be protected as they are common things and anyone can utilize them. Your slogans for the business are not protected by copyright but you can go for trademark registration in that case. Still, the exemptions are:

  • Individual name
  • Titles of work
  • Words and phrases
  • Expressions and declarations
  • Descriptive information about a product

The recipes you listen to from someone can be copied and used by other people. The ingredients and methods are not copyrighted things. Similarly, chemical formulas and a protocol for chemical reactions and procedures are not protected. But in case you are having a written cookbook, then you can register it with your authorship and protect it from being robbed by copyright protection.

Fashion trends

Although copyright protects the designs, artwork, and creations but fashion trends are not included in the sole intellectual property that cannot be adopted by other people. You can copyright your brand with a specific type of fabric production but the designs and dressing trends cannot.


There were many misconceptions and confusion about which type of information can be excepted for copyright registration and which are not eligible according to the copyright law. The IP agent UAE can clearly show you the difference between these two types of facts. In order to have a piece of deep and authentic information about copyright, you must go for a copyright consultant in Dubai and make your mind clear.

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