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Thermal transfer labels made from polyethylene film

To print seawater-resistant labels using thermal transfer printers. We offer you a wide range of label materials that are made with different foils, all of the finest quality. All thermal transfer materials meet the stringent requirements that are part of British Standard Section 2.

The film materials marked with * also meet British Standard Section 3 in connection with specific printing systems.

The use of seawater-resistant labels is essential for the labeling of containers used in the chemical industry. This is mandated as per regulations like the GHS regulation.

Seawater-resistant roll labels for thermal transfer printers can not just be attached manually after printing, but can also be applied using labelers. The advanced roller technology and the specially designed separation force properties ensure trouble-free labeling, even at very high speed for labeling.

Despite the extremely high adhesive applications, we can ensure that there is no contamination to our thermal transfer printer as well as the labeler by using an exclusive method of punching.

These seawater-resistant labels for the making of roll labels, as also for fold labels.

We’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have and give you a personalized offer for seawater-resistant thermal transfer labels in your preferred format. Contact us via the form below and you can reach us quickly, easily, and easily.

Thermal transfer labels
Thermal transfer labels

Differentialities and advantages of film-making materials. When do you choose which film?

Thermal transfer labels made from polyethylene film and polypropylene film can be used to facilitate the process of “sorted recycling” and are able to be chosen according to the material of the packaging and containers. This is essential for shrink hoods or stretches films to secure pallets.

The format is adapted to the intent of use
Based on the needs different properties are required for the different areas of application. Here, the films sometimes display distinct differences in resistance to chemicals. The difference in flexibility is crucial for the gluing of irregular or round surfaces.

The Pap film prints with their paper-like appearance bring the top print quality of coated paper and the durability of PE or films made of PP.

They are most commonly utilized when the best quality requirements are placed on the print as well as the graphic of the image printed by the printer, such as with fonts that are small, barcodes/barcodes, specific characters, and logos.

They also meet the requirements for hot filling, for example for the industry of chemicals without a hitch.

Seawater-certified roll labels are constructed of plastic film (PE) to allow thermal transfer printing

We create optically attractive shiny labels using white PE film. They are used primarily on PE surfaces for recycling purposes.

The high flexibility that the film has also allowed it to be glued to curving surfaces like barrels and deformable packs without having any difficulties. LASERPLUS PE labels are characterized by their high resistance to weather and are able to be used outdoors.

Labels made of this material can primarily be put on HDPE barrels or PE shrink hoods. They can also be stuck onto PE stretch film. The foil labels are recyclable along with the packaging in accordance with the type.

  • PE film is white, glossy, opaque, and extremely adhesive

Seawater-resistant labels made of LASERPLUS PE Paperprint blend the superior quality print of coated papers and the long-lasting PE film. The print result and print resolution of this unique material are outstanding. This film is perfectly designed for post-inscription using thermal transfer printers and matrix printers (resin or resin/wax ribbons or thermal transfer ribbons).

The print is smudge-proof and scratch-proof. Labels made from LASERPLUS PE paper print are UV-stable as well as weatherproof. They can be used outdoors without any problems. They are heat-resistant and can also be used for filling in extreme temperatures. The adhesive sticks extremely well even on hard surfaces.

Thermal transfer labels
Thermal transfer labels
  • PE Paperprint, white, matt, opaque, extremely adhesive

* certified in accordance with BS 5609 Section 3 in relation to: printed at LASERPLUS through the flexo print process using certified colors like yellow and red, and a thermal transfer printer from ZEBRA model 110 xi4 with various ribbons for thermal transfer / thermal transfer foil

Seawater-resistant roll-on labels made of Polypropylene Film (PP) for thermal transfer printing

Through the help of this PVC film, we produce optically very attractive, shiny, opaque adhesive labels for your use, which should be placed on PP surfaces for recycling purposes.

The mother-of-pearl appearance of the film makes the label unique in its appearance. They are especially soft and are also suitable for curving surfaces as well as for applications that require high weather resistance as well as resistance to chemicals. These labels are also suitable for the labeling of cosmetic products as well as household cleaning products etc.

  • PP film is transparent, white, and glossy with top coat of strong adhesion *

Labels made of LASERPLUS’s PP Paperprint combine the high-quality printing results of coated paper with the long-lasting PP film. Labels made of this film are very well suited for inscribing with thermal transfer or matrix printers (resin or resin/wax ribbons/transfer movies). Labels made with LASERPLUS Paper print are weatherproof and UV stable and are suitable for outdoor use without any problems. They’re heat-resistant and are also suitable for filling in extreme temperatures. The adhesive sticks extremely well even on hard surfaces.

  • PP paper matt, print, white very adhesive

* certified according to BS 5609 Section 3 in connection with pre-printed at LASERPLUS using the flexo printing process using certified colors like yellow and red, and a thermal transfer printers from ZEBRA model 110 xi4 and various thermal ribbons for transfer (thermal transfer foils, or an ink ribbon).

Seawater-resistant roll label made of polyethylene film (PET) to allow thermal transfer printing

The polyester labels are characterized by their incredibly high resistance to mechanical impacts for example, e.g. B. scratches. They are UV-resistant and weatherproof which means they can be used outside without issues. Additionally, the polyester film is stable and tear-resistant and is distinguished by its high durability.

The labels are very suitable to write on with industrial printers that use thermal transfer printing. They can also be later engraved using an ink ballpoint pen or pencil. The adhesive adheres extremely well, even on rough surfaces. Polyester labels are suitable for higher conditions and high temperatures (e.g. in the form of nameplates). They also meet the hot filling requirements and flying color.

  • Silver, matt, highly adhesive
  • Matt, white, very adhesive
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