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The procedure of applying volcano essential oil on your skin

People have become very conscious about their health and skin nowadays. They try their level best to maintain their looks and try new and unique things for keeping their skin healthy.

Volcano essential oil is used by people on a wide scale. We already know what wonders essential oils do, there are different varieties of essential oil and all of them are not only beneficial for skin but they also help to keep our homes clean and healthy.

With numerous qualities of essential oil, we just cannot resist using it. Hence it is very important to choose the right kind of essential oil for your skin. There are various duplicate oils available in the market. One must carefully check the essential oil before purchasing.

Volcano essential oil is an extract of lime greens, lemon, and northern spruce drops. Like other essential oils, volcano essential oil also has so many benefits ranging from skincare to home protection. Volcano essential oil is very good for our skin.

So, in this article, we will be discussing the procedure to apply volcano essential oil and its benefits.


We already know that we can use essential oils either aromatically, topically, or diffuse them.


A diffuser is a device, with help of which we can disperse essential oil into the air. There are various types of diffusers available in the market.

Some popular essential oil diffusers include:

·       Ceramic

·       Lamp rings

·       Reed diffuser

·       Ultrasonic

·       Candle

·       Electric

Simply using diffusers will help you relax and uplift your mood.


The other method to use volcano essential oil is to simply inhale. This is one of the easiest methods of using essential oil. One must be careful while inhaling essential oil as undiluted oil should not touch your skin.

If you want to inhale using the steam method. You require a bowl, hot water, and a towel. By just adding a few drops of essential oil to hot water and covering your head with a towel, you can inhale essential oil. While dispensing essential oil one must take care of children and pregnant women as these essential oils can be dangerous for them.

3.       ON SKIN:

You can use volcano essential oil on the skin in a variety of ways. One must always dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil before applying it to the skin. One must always keep in mind that essential oils can also lead to various skin infections and irritations. So, it’s important to do a patch test on a small area to check if the essential oil suits your skin or not.

You can also add essential oil to your favorite cosmetic product like toner, serum, etc

4.       BATH OR SHOWER:

Nowadays people widely use essential oil while taking shower. To inhale essential oil while you shower, add a few drops of the oil to the shower wall and inhale deeply. You can also add drops of the oil to water or use a volcano essential oil salt bath or bubble bath product.


Now that you about the uses of volcano essential oil. You need to know the benefits of applying volcano essential oil:


Volcano essential oil is very effective on skin that has acne and pimples. It helps to reduce acne and pimple as well as helps to prevent them in the future. Volcano essential oil is beneficial for all skin types, it helps to maintain a balance between oiliness and dryness of the skin. This essential oil is considered to be the best oil to restore face glow.

2.       ANTI-AGEING:

Volcano essential oil has another advantage in that it helps to keep all the aging signs away from the skin. It helps by protecting our skin from any substance that can harm our skin and causes signs of aging. The process of aging becomes slow and is less visible on the skin.


Gently massaging your skin with volcano essential oil helps to keep the skin clean and clear. This oil also helps in increasing blood circulation. The more the blood circulation is, the better the elasticity of the skin.

So, it is clear from the above article that volcano essential oil is one of the best oil for skincare. It helps to clear the complexion of the skin and restores glow. Taking care of your skin not only makes you look beautiful but also prevents aging and makes you look young.

So, now that you know the benefits and usage of volcano essential oil, one must add it to your skincare regime to enjoy the multiple benefits of this oil on your skin. 

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