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The Label When Shopping: More Important Than The Choice Between “Paper or Plastic”.

I have often visited supermarkets and found that people feel very comfortable there.

So here are some recommendations to follow when shopping.

  1. Turn off your cell phone. You may think you can push a cart, pull items from the shelves and make a phone call at the same time, but please, other people need to know you can’t do that. If you need to talk, go to another part of the store, park in an inaccessible area until you are done talking, then continue shopping.
  2. “We need _____?” A call home is acceptable, but again, stop and be brief.
  3. Keep a shopping cart handy when you stop in front of the shelves to look for merchandise. How many times have you seen people put their carts down on one side of the aisle and look for items on the other side?” This is called “taking up space”! If you then try to walk past them, they notice what you are looking for and jump in front of you to grab it. Weren’t we taught as children not to jump in front of cars? This feeling is repeated here as well.
  4. The hallway is not a traffic lane. Check where you are going when you get to the end of the aisle before you join the other shoppers. I was very scared to see someone serving a vehicle on the street because the Supercart was driven that way.
  5. When meeting and talking with friends, step back from the flow of traffic and enjoy your break while others continue shopping.
  6. Be careful when waiting in line at the checkout. If you have more than the 15-25 items allowed, move away from the line. If you are paying by check, you can bypass the cashier. Smile and wave, as employees deal with many cranky people every day.
  7. Take all receipts, shopping lists, leftover coupons, cookie wrappers, etc. with you. No one wants a shopping cart full of trash. Please use the trash cans that are always available near the front door.
  8. Return the cart to its original location. You may have picked up the cart when you entered the store. Please return it to its place when you leave the store. Leave it in the parking space so that no one will bump it or drive into your car when you want to enter. Yes, the weather can make you want to get in your car as fast as possible, so make it a habit to park near the streetcar stop.

Remember, we all have to eat. Some people don’t bother shopping at the supermarket, others don’t bother at all. Whether you’re just buying a few items or stocking up on food for the military, you don’t need to spend extra time paying attention to others when you shop.

Remember, going to the supermarket doesn’t mean you can run straight to your refrigerator or pantry at home, but you are sharing the space. Help make it a positive experience for everyone.

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