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The Intriguing Uses Cases of Address Verification Services in Businesses

Companies are facing huge losses due to poor customer onboarding and complex checkout procedures nowadays. Businesses that provide services of shipping products to their customers need to verify the address of the individual to save themselves from misplacing deliveries. This helps them to counter the overhead shipping charges. Not only this, customers are at risk of entering false information or mistyped data which can create problems for various industries. Therefore, online address verification is an ultimate solution to reduce the number of chargebacks and embeds confidence to deliver products in the right place accurately. 

Automated Address Verification Saving Time for Customers

The traditional method of inserting address information in specific fields can get tiring for the customers if they are asked to execute this act repeatedly. Asking the user for additional information can make the checkout process complicated. Basic and quick procedures can create a positive impact on the customer’s mind. But this makes a requirement for the companies to add an extra layer of security as well to onboard customers securely. Automated generated address suggestions can help make the checkout process less complex. Moreover, registering the information once it has been entered into the database and auto-filling it can reduce the need of inserting details each time a customer proceeds to checkout. It can create a positive emphasis on the minds of customers as the company values their time. 

Reviewing the Process to Validate Addresses Digitally

  • For verifying addresses, users need to provide official documents through which their address data is scanned on a digital platform. 
  • The OCR technology extracts the address information and matches it with the proof of evidence provided by the user. For example, the house number and the postal code are compared to check for any falsification of data.
  • Information’s authenticity is reviewed and any error of data forged by the criminal is detected.
  • The results are generated and the address verification system sends a specific code if any address information is missing. Many companies are making investments for enabling the digital onboarding of the customers in a secure environment similar to Shufti Pro Funding. 

Four Compelling Use Cases of Verifying an Address

Eliminating Scams and Frauds

Detecting fake addresses in real-time can help organizations from hefty financial losses. It is essential to know about the location, where the customer is residing and updating the information on a timely basis. This will reduce the chances of products getting delivered to the wrong doorstep. Additionally, this makes it challenging for the fraudsters to commit fraud as the companies would already have details about the address. Since as per Shufti pro News, businesses verify address of the customer to onboard legitimate clients while using the address verification service as a fraud prevention mechanism. 

Checking the Local Avalaibality Area

Many businesses provide free services to limited areas and are unable to deliver products until a premium fee has been paid for other sites. It is helpful to deduce the geolocation from the user’s address location which will help distinguish if they fall into the category of the available address sites or not. To address verify clients smoothly, addresses are standardised, parsed and validated to ensure that the address is completely accurate.

Updating and Cleaning Databases

Not every user is confined to reside at the same location for a lifetime, changing addresses can also affect the shipment procedures. Online address verification enables the companies to eliminate any invalid or outdated address records and helps in keeping the database clean. Bulks of address can be identified and removed if any error is detected. Not only this, automatically replacing the previous address while the new address is being registered onto the database is an essential feature of verifying addresses digitally.

Increased Checkout Conversion Rates

Auto completing the information in the required fields can attract new customers while retaining the loyalty of the previously onboarded consumers. The quicker the clients make it out of the checkout process, the quicker the purchase will be made while saving their time which they can utilize in further buying other products. This will provoke to generate profitable revenues in an efficient way. 

Wrapping it Up

Important emails getting sent at the wrong location and getting into the hands of fraudsters are the prime acts of deceit used by criminals. Online address verification services can allow businesses to reduce the chance of returned deliveries while saving their costs and times incorporated to do it. In addition, it will present the company in a positive light in the minds of the consumers as their customer experience will be enhanced by making the checkout procedure quick and less complicated. Auto filling the address details and updating information can increase the conversion rates. 

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