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The Future of Arrow: Jack Wright Takes Star City by Storm in 2040

Ever since Arrow premiered on The CW, fans have been speculating about the fates of their favorite characters in the future and all of the cool things that could happen to them. When executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed in 2014 that he had plans to create a show set in the future, fans went wild with excitement over the possibilities—especially since Guggenheim has said that there are plans to bring fan-favorite characters like Connor Hawke (Oliver Queen’s son) into the story. Now, it seems that some of those details are coming to light.

Meet Jack

Jack Wright is a star basketball player at Harvard University and his team is headed to Nationals. What makes him different than any other college basketball star? He’s actually been dead for over 30 years! That’s right, you read that correctly. During an accident when he was just seven years old, his heart stopped beating, but thanks to Dr. Ray Palmer and some cutting-edge technology, he now has a bionic heart.

Revisit Oliver Queen

The son of Robert Queen has taken up his father’s mantel and has become something even more than he was before. His war against crime is seemingly unwinnable, but he still manages to stand tall. Watch as Oliver rises to prominence through hard work and determination; a true hero for our time. There are some great villains on his way too, including Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) and Grant Wilson (Michael Jai White). This show is shaping up to be one of the best superheroes shows ever! Don’t miss it!

The Beginning of Star City

In Oliver Queen’s last year as mayor, his top priority was to consolidate control over Star City’s underworld; specifically, to reduce crime by curbing organized crime. Through his work with A.R.G.U.S., Queen successfully infiltrated and destroyed several illegal operations across Central and Keystone Cities (i.e., Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati). This resulted in Starling being rated as one of America’s safest cities – a far cry from where it began almost two decades ago as a haven for criminals on Lian Yu Island. As Oliver prepares to hand off control to Deputy Mayor Mason Bridge, he believes that law-abiding citizens are safe… but he could not be more wrong…

What’s Next for Team Arrow?

If we’ve learned anything from watching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, it’s that time travel is no joke. As we head into season 6 of Arrow, it’ll be interesting to see if Oliver and the team will have to deal with any more unexpected visits from their past selves. One thing is for sure though, one day Oliver Queen will hang up his bow and arrow for good (at least I hope so). Until then, there are plenty more heroes that need training! Enter…Jack Wright.

How Will This Affect Legends of Tomorrow?

Although there’s still a long way to go before we see any new characters in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, it’s good to know that both shows are operating within a similar timeline. If Sara Lance or Oliver Queen meet Jack Wright in Season 4, you can bet that they’ll also be spending time with their counterparts from Crisis on Earth-X. Is Oliver going to join Rip Hunter as part of his team?



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