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The essential accessories to take care of the horse

Like any species, the horse needs care and attention both for the treatment of the hair, the mane or the hooves. Dust, insects, sweat deposits in the saddle and girth area, insect bites or scratches. Horse cleansing requires continuous care aimed at the animal’s well-being. In fact, the accumulation of dirt leads to a proliferation of bacteria that can cause irritation and rather annoying infections for the animal.

It is not just an aesthetic factor but rather fundamental to the health of the animal. For example, if the saddle area is not cleaned well, both the girth and the weight of the saddle can create friction with the accumulation of dirt and cause so-called “bruises” or small injuries.

Furthermore, the moment of the horse’s care is important to strengthen the bond with the rider. A way to create contact and get acquainted with the animal in this way.

Horse care tools

There are several accessories and brushes for horse care starting with the hair care tools. Stiff and soft brushes, each of which has a specific utility.

Horse brushes

The curry comb – This is a stiff brush, a kind of oval-shaped “rasp”, usually made of steel or can also be made of plastic or rubber. It is used to remove mud, clean encrustations and to detangle short hairs. Also, massage the pet’s fur. It should be passed gently, with small circular movements. The curry comb should never be used for the horse’s limbs and sensitive parts of the animal such as behind the ears or the muzzle. It is a stiff tool that can also cause pain.

The curry comb is also used for the mane and tail of the horse, in a first step before the comb. In this case it should be used following the direction of the hair, without circular movements.

The brusca – A brush with horsehair or stiff bristles that is passed after the currying and is used to remove dust, granules and coarser dirt from the horse’s coat. At the same time it makes the hair more shiny. It should be used in the direction of the hair and can also be passed on the most sensitive parts such as the limbs and the muzzle of the horse.

The bruscone –  The bruscone is a brush with softer bristles that must be used to finish after the brusque and complete the cleaning of the hair. It removes the smallest dust particles which in general cause the dullness of the hair.

Mane and Tail Comb – A hard, iron comb for grooming the horse’s mane and tail. First brush with the curry comb and then use the iron comb. You have to be very delicate, starting to untangle the knots from the bottom, and then go up towards the hairline. Care should be weekly to avoid knot formation. It is also possible to apply a detangling product.

Horse cleaning accessories

In addition to the brushes, there are other essential accessories for horse hygiene. You can check this platform for more information. You can consult this platform on this address:

The  sponge – The soft sponge is moistened and is used to clean the eyes and the varicose veins of the horse. In the case of excess mud or dust, the wet sponge can also be used to clean the horse’s muzzle and ears. A second sponge is instead necessary to clean the parts of the anal area of ​​the horse and the private parts under the belly.

The splint – is also called a sweat remover. It is a fundamental and very useful tool for the care of the hair but also for the health of the horse. The splint should be used when the horse is sweaty or after a shower, before putting it back in the box or leaving it free to graze. It should always be passed from top to bottom, following the direction of the hair. The horse is very sensitive to cold blows and the splint is therefore essential to prevent possible dangerous consequences for the animal.

Foot Cleaner – The foot cleaner is used to clean the horse’s hooves. Both for the wall and under the plinth. It consists of a small brush and a curved iron that pulls away the dirt accumulated under the animal’s hoof.

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