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The electric city scooter from Italy Review - Mazing US
Friday, February 23, 2024
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The electric city scooter from Italy Review

The Smart Ped from FlyKly is a compact and collapsible city scooter with an electric drive. Equipment, weight, and dimensions suggest that he is preparing to be the ideal companion for commuters and city dwellers. A scooter for the last mile. Tretroller Magazin wants to know exactly and has tested the Smart Ped for you.

FlyKly Smart Ped in the test

Note: The device was provided free of charge by the manufacturer for this review.

Delivery and packaging

The Smart Ped was delivered quickly and well packed directly from Italy. skywalker electric board if the carton suggests a true monster or many components that can still be assembled and individually packaged, the surprise after opening the box is great. The Smart Ped is already assembled and in the two individually packed boxes there is only a pluggable front lamp as well as a cable and power supply for charging the e-scooter. All components were properly protected. I missed a user manual.

Scope of delivery

The electric scooter Flykly Smart Ped

Power cord

Mobile phone holder

LED Headlights


I had deliberately planned time for the assembly or assembly of the small Italo speedster. Fortunately, it was not necessary, because the scooter is already delivered pre-assembled. Only the handlebar is folded down. With a short grip and a “snap”, the handlebar locks securely into the device.

As a further step, I immediately adjusted the handlebars to a comfortable height for me. On the handlebar, you should screw the brakes and the bracket for the front light. A hexagonal key is required for this. After a short break check, I was satisfied with the assembly.


The Smart Ped can be folded down in two places; to use as little space as possible during transport. On the one hand, there is the already described possibility to flip the handlebars. On the other hand, the sturdy running board in the middle is also equipped with a folding mechanism.

In order to operate this, the bolt must first be removed. Now the hinge can be folded down and the electric scooter becomes a small but handy piece of steel with wheels. To keep the Smart Ped in the folded state, there is a Velcro strap on the running board. In any case, the Velcro fastener is suitable for fixing the two halves together.

The Flykly App

The app used by Smart Ped is called bitride and is available in the Appstore for Android and IOS. The installation went without any problems.

Download the app



Turn on Bluetooth

Connect the bitride app and the Smart Ped

Not a big deal, then. The app itself does not offer a wide range of functions. It unlocks the scooter’s engine, displays driving time and kilometers traveled, and stores the routes. It also provides information about the battery capacity and regulates in which driving mode the motor is to be switched on. There are two modes to choose from, more on that later.

Charge Smart Ped

Due to a lack of operating instructions, I first had to look for the charging socket. This is centrally located on the rear wheel and is hidden behind a plastic cap. Now just plug the power supply into the power and the power flows directly into the rear wheel. A blue LED indicates that the Smart Ped is being powered. Manufacturer FlyKly states that the full charging time is about 2 hours.

First impression

The first impression was successful. Only the missing operating instructions made it unnecessarily difficult to find your way around. The frame makes a durable and durable impression, the installed components, such as .B a Tektoss V-Brake rim brake, provide additional safety. The good old bell was also thought of.

The integrated rear light and the USB rechargeable and removable front LED light also contribute to safety.

From my adult scooters, I am used to disc brakes. I would probably also have donated this to the Smart Ped to drive on the safe side in the wet in the city.

The first test drive

In order to benefit from the electronic support, the electric scooter must first be connected to the flykly app. According to personal preference, the support type (two modes are available) is now set and then it can be on the test track.

In our case, we make the first few meters in front of the front door. Monza will have to wait a little longer. Already at the first slightly stronger repulsion, the thrust sets in and the scooter accelerates. And remarkably. Kick once and the scooter purrs off. He just keeps going. And on. According to the app, the scooter accelerates to 23.6 km/h when competing several times and it becomes noticeably fast and fresh.

Thanks to the air-filled tires, you can hardly feel small stones and bumps and can concentrate entirely on steering your smart means of transport. Meanwhile, the app records the distance traveled and provides information about the current speed.

Pedelec 25 mode

The mode allows set-compliant support up to 6 km/h. In practice, I get some momentum and feel how the engine switches on gently which contributes a little to the fact that I make a lot of meters when rolling. However, I hardly used this mode during testing, as the support performance is rather low.

Far more exciting is the second option, the FUN mode.

FUN Mode

If you set the fun mode in the app, the engine supports its driver permanently with electric power. In addition to the kick intensity and kers, the support duration can also be set. A few strong turns are enough and the Smart Ped buzzes almost silently. On a flat track, it is enough to make one or two more turns about every 200 – 300 meters so that the Ped maintains the speed.

The mode is great to make comfortable without effort meters. Only the 25 km / h I could reach during the test drives only briefly before the scooter has regulated the speed to about 10-15 km / h. The Smart Ped shows all its strengths when the track is flat or sloping. The speed is pleasantly fast if you have previously picked up speed by pedaling.

Uphill I was hoping for a little more support. During the first few meters, you can still hear and feel the support. However, if it goes steeply uphill for a longer period of time, the support switches off at some point.


Handling and handling

The steering reacts as expected. When the thrust starts in a FUN mode, the first step is to get used to the speed. To deactivate the support, gentle pressure on the brake is enough and the engine stops working. This is also necessary so that you do not have to struggle with the excess engine power when descending from the scooter.

Very small radii should first be tried without electrical support. In this way, you get to know the curve behavior and can adjust to the device at the next bend.

The overall handling is good. The scooter makes a stable and safe impression. Thanks to the grip tape on the running board, the stand when driving is not slippery but a fixed matter.

Weight in practice

With a weight of about 11 kilos, the electric scooter is much less than an e-bike. To lift the device over small stairs or to carry it into the bus and train, it is still light enough.


Once you get the hang of it, the Smart Ped can be folded up and stowed away in a few seconds. It is also ready for use just as quickly and easily.

Also suitable for tall people

We give FlyKly credit for thinking of great people as well. The handlebar is height-adjustable and so I had no problems operating the device even with my approx. 193 cm.

Conclusion and test result

The lively Cityscooter is one of the first devices on the market and relies on an innovative drive concept. Enormous range, easy handling, and, thanks to pneumatic tires,beginner longboards for kids pleasant driving experience are on the plus side. In particular, the last mile on the way to work can be bridged almost powerlessly with the Smart Ped.

We see its ideal field of application for city dwellers who have a commute of 3-5 kilometers and have to master a few stairs. In this constellation, the FlyKly Smart Ped can play to all its strengths and advantages.

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