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The Distinctive Block Print Cotton Quilt Collection

The comforting warmth of a favourite quilt can instantly send you into a serene sleep even in the worst of circumstances. Before you know it, time has passed and it’s time to get up – what beautiful memories that is! Nowadays though, many people are now purchasing cotton quilting as an art form because there is such a wide variety for many individual tastes. From children’s bedding to veterans blankets, this article highlights which Canadian retailers offer cotton jacquards in the distinctive block print cotton quilt collection. Saving room for an entire outfit is absolutely necessary at times, but even if that extra fabric will not be viewed when the transformation is complete then you should start by throwing it against a wall. You’ll be able to use it in another quilt or as backing fabric to cure your sewing machine needle while you’re also working on several projects simultaneously. It saves space and you won’t have to figure out what exactly all of those scraps ended up being!

What is a Distinctive Block Print Cotton Quilt Collection?

Distinctive block print cotton quilts are some of the most sought after antique quilts. This type of quilt was popular among American women in the 1800s. They were quite plain looking, with a block print and simple pieced border. The prints were often patriotic or religious in nature, and frequently featured flowers or leaves. These quilts also tended to be large and square, measuring around 36 inches by 36 inches. Additionally, these quilts were frequently made in solid shades of turquoise, but many also utilised prints. This quilt is one of the few examples we’ve seen that uses the plain block print design on a batting background. Rather than following through with multiple blocks (like other examples) this pattern is handled by simply piecing all of the squares together at once and dying them in a solid colour!

Qualities of the Collection

There are a few qualities that make the Distinctive Block Print Cotton Quilt Collection so special. First and foremost, the prints are very distinct and unique. Secondly, the quilts are very large and scale well across different sizes. Finally, they are all made with quality cotton fabrics that withstand lots of wear and tear. Our customers have both loved and hated the quilts, so it is clear that this collection is about much more than just those few characteristics!

Popular Quilt Elements. There are 9 different sub-collections in the Distinctive Block Print Collection. What all these collections have in common are the prints they use in combination with a variety of other elements. In particular, there are 15 selections that represent fastening choices for each collection: no zippers, zippers only on one side ((1)or two), velcro, tapestry, eyelets or snaps (3). The sheer quality of these print combinations makes up for any of these premium pricing options that you might choose to get added durability on your quilt. 

block print cotton quilt

When Can I Shop for The Collection?

If you’re itching to add a little bit of fabrication artistry to your interior decorating, now is the time to take a look at The Collection. This cotton quilts Canada collection is available for online purchase, and it’s sure.

The quilt features an array of colourful prints in classic block form, and each one is unique. You could easily use The Collection as the focal point of a room or use it to add texture and interest to a larger project. It’s definitely one that should be on your radar, so head over to Allison Edwards’ website to learn more and pre-purchase yours today!

Picking the perfect fabrics for your mattress and box spring with The Distinctive Cotton Quilt Collection

The Distinctive Cotton Quilt Collection was created with you in mind. We understand that different people have different preferences when it comes to fabric choices for their mattresses and box springs. That is why we offer a variety of prints and solids so you can find the perfect combination for your needs. Whether you are looking for a masculine vintage feel or a soft feminine pattern, we have a quilt to fit your personality!

“This is a beautiful addition to our bedroom. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase from duvet cover Depot. First, the ordering was easy and simple. Since this product is somewhat time sensitive and needs to be delivered after the bedding is already in place, it helps considerably that you have warehouses close-by.” Darryl Mascall – Spokane Valley, WA

Compare other quilt collections available in Canada

The Distinctive Block Print Cotton Quilt Collection is a wonderful addition to any quilt lover’s collection. The collection features a variety of prints, sizes, and colours that are sure to please. 

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Where to purchase quality quilts made by hand & Heart

If you’re looking for quality quilts made by hand, you’ll want to visit the Distinctive Block Print Cotton Quilt Collection at Patternworks Fabrics in Richmond, VA. The collection features six different quilts that are all 100% cotton and hand-dyed using natural dyes. Each quilt is individually made, so there are no two alike.

If you’re not familiar with the Distinctive Block Print style, it’s a unique variation of block printing that originated in America in the late 1800s. It’s characterised by its large blocks, textured finishes, and bold colours.

The patterns used in the Distinctive Block Print Cotton Quilt Collection are all reproduction prints from vintage American magazines. If you’re looking for a unique and impressive bedspread or wall hanging, be sure to check out the collection at Patternworks Fabrics.


If you’re in the market for a versatile and comfortable quilt, be sure to check out The Distinctive Block Print Cotton Quilt Collection. This collection of six different quilts is perfect for any climate, and comes in sizes that will fit most people. Not only are these quilts stylish, but they are also highly durable and made from high-quality cotton fabric. If you’re looking for an affordable yet quality option for your bedding needs, The Distinctive Block Print Cotton Quilt Collection should definitely be at the top of your list. Final Words

Remember to keep in mind that a quilt will take up much less space than a full bed, which is another benefit of this sleeping style. Because of this, it’s easier and cheaper to store them away after use as well. Last but not least, our picks are made for some who may want to use their quilt on top of their normal comforter in combination with a sheet whereas others might simply prefer only the comfort of using a simple sheet without any excess blankets or sheets.

Hopefully you found and tested the best option when choosing your personal blanket! And if we missed on an essential feature and should have included it here, feel free to let us know below so that we can make future articles.

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