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HomemusicThe Different Types of Musical Instruments Out There

The Different Types of Musical Instruments Out There

Music is a vast world filled with different genres, instruments, and more. Stepping into it can sometimes feel daunting, especially if you haven’t found your go-to instrument or have very little idea about all the options around you.

While for some it’s love at first sight, for others it’s a process of trial and error until they’ve found one that they can perfectly fall into tune with and create the music their heart desires. So, if you’re someone who’s looking to get a better idea of which musical instrument suits you best, keep reading as we talk about different types of it in this very article.


Originating from the early eighteenth century, a piano produces music with the pressing of keys on the keyboard present. The piano belongs to the string and percussion family of instruments and consists of over 2500 parts. The volume of the tunes is directly proportional to the pressure applied to the keys. Pianos often require a large space for them to be set up and are most certainly not portable instruments.

Musical Instruments
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There are many different types of guitars out there, each producing music of its own type. Two of the most common and mainly used guitars amongst many instrument players are electrical guitars and classic guitars. A classical guitar is made of a hollow wooden body and can deliver various different melodies. While the classic is made of nylon or gut strings, electric ones are made of steel strings.


Just like with the guitars, the drum kits come in varieties. However, the most common one is the electronic drum kit. The original drum set dates back into the early twentieth century. Although it consists of many parts such as large and smaller drums, drumsticks and cymbals, drum kits are often played by one person and the genre tends to depend on the drummer and the beats they produce.


Although it may look like a mini guitar and is also made of a hollow wooden body, a violin cannot be more different. Originating from Italy and from the sixteenth century onwards, a violin consists of small strings that provide high pitch music. The common type of music genres played through violins are jazz, folk music, and even country music. It is considered to be one of the most classical instruments of the time.


If you’re looking for something in the woodwind instrument family, then clarinet is a beautiful way to go. However, clarinets are most commonly played in bands in schools, militaries, etc. it was founded by John Christoph Denner in the early 1700s from the lands of Germany. Due to certain enhanced models present, you can even play up jazz with the clarinet.

A few other instrument options include xylophone, flute, tabla, or even sitar. Each owns a unique history and origination point of it owns. The perfect instrument for you will connect to your soul and body, ensuring you that the journey you’re about to take with it, is the journey best suited for you!