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The Complete Guide to Visual Merchandising for eCommerce

Stepping inside a quaint brand outlet and taking in the fresh feeling makes one want to spend more time than intended. The backdrop color, the mannequins displayed at several stop points, the uniquely designed shelves with clothes folded so perfectly; everything adds to the best of your visual merchandising strategy. 

India has generously embarrassed the concept of eCommerce stores and the comfort it has brought along. The Payoneer Report estimates that the Indian eCommerce market for good grocery, apparel, and electronics is expected to grow by 8% in the coming years. For this very reason, eCommerce brand owners must think about investing in visual merchandising services

Let’s learn more about visual merchandising and its essential elements for eCommerce stores. 

What is Visual Merchandising?

It refers to strategically using visuals that automatically lure the customers to browse the collection and the vibe a store has to offer. The best-merchandising services company would create a stimulating experience for your customers with your brand that they would want to visit your store more than once. The best marketing strategy would always be to offer lifetime value to your customer. 

Now, visual merchandising services are no more confined to in-store sales techniques. Since the boom in demand for eCommerce shopping, websites directly engage in best practices that make their visitors want to stop and dive inside. Contrary to increasing the crowd inside the store, eCommerce visual merchandising would measure the engagement rate of the visitor, session time, cart items, conversion rate, etc. 

The world of eCommerce brands is primarily driven by the buyer’s journey as soon as they receive a sales email redirecting them to a landing page. The more convenient you make it to understand the psychology of your buyer, the better it gets. When you hire a merchandising services company, remember to bring these visual merchandising elements added to your website.

Color Coordination

The first thing that catches your customer’s eye on the website is the colorful backdrop. Similar to in store merchandising, your website must look vibrant and minimal. It should be soothing to your visitor’s eyes as they scroll through different web pages and try to find the apparel or accessory. 

The Perfect Homepage

Make your homepage the attraction site, just like a window display. It should have suitable season sale posters, the clear message you would want your visitors to read and feel awestruck. Focus on putting the right content which carefully speaks your brand’s story and cleverly resonates with the audience.

Site Layout & Navigation

Site Layout and navigation are essential for customers to find the things they are looking for. It is crucial to personalize each web page based on the buyer’s journey. For instance, when they add an item to their cart, a person could see other similar items like it. This would make them browse a little more and understand that more things are explored in the brand’s collection. 

Similarly, straightforward navigation would not confuse the visitor about which step to take next. Nothing should be stressful— from choosing an apparel or beauty product category to being redirected to the checkout page. 

Easy checkout Process

When your customer lands on the checkout page, they are close to getting converted. But a small error or disruption in a smooth transaction process would leave them frustrated. Keep it a seamless process and make them your recurring customers. 

Putting the correct elements and offering user-generated content on your website with enough social proof will comprise the best visual merchandising effort.

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