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The Complete Guide To Backlinks That Will Boost Your Ranking

Backlinks show the popularity of your website among people. Each link is a vote that tells search engines that your content is valuable and credible. Hence, Google boosts your site, making you more visible to the public. That’s why you should find good backlinks and manage them properly. 

It doesn’t matter how many updates happen in the Google algorithm; backlinking remains the critical factor in ranking. Several types of backlinks are available, so it’s essential to differentiate between valuable and invaluable ones. Don’t run after quantity, as one good backlink is worth 1000 poorly working backlinks. 

Are you a new website owner struggling to rank on Google searches? If yes, it’s high time you get your hands on high-authority backlinks and boost your content quickly. Find websites that have your focus keyword in the anchor text and have high authority and get backlinks from them. 

If you are unaware of how to get backlinks that can rank you faster, we got you covered. This article will discuss a complete guide to backlinks, types of backlinks, and how to get them. So, let’s dig further!

Strategies to Get Good Authority Backlinks 

Different strategies can help you in grabbing the best backlinks. Let’s discuss a few of them and get your content to the top.

Find Backlinks from Referral Sources

Look at the top of your website; there will be plenty of referral sources. These sources indicate that they feature similar content. You can use them as backlinks to increase the ranking of your website in SERP. If you don’t know how to match the content of referral sources, extract ideas from them and write content similar to those sources. 

This way, you can find new opportunities and high-authority backlinks for your site. Don’t know how to check the referral sources? In Google’s Universal Analytics, go to the acquisition, then all traffic, and lastly, click on referrals. You will find the most popular backlinks that boost your visibility on Google. 

Utilize Google Search Console Reports for Backlinks

The Google Search Console is an excellent tool that shares data of top-ranking sites with you. Besides, you can also find out about the sites that previously offered you backlinks. Visit those sites and monitor their content. Find out the content on which they shared a backlink with you. 

After that, create similar content and reach out to them again for relevant links. As they have previously linked to your site, they can also provide you with other backlinks. Just focus on your content, stay relevant, and you will soon get the best types of backlinks. 

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Another way to extract quality backlinks is by spying on your competitors. Check their keywords, social media, backlinks, and more. However, we aren’t directing you towards any unethical activity by spying. Instead, you can ethically spy on your competitor using Semrush. It’s an SEO tool that provides data about the competitor’s backlinks. 

Just open Semrush and click on Backlink Analytics on the left panel. After that, enter your competitor’s domain name, and you will see the list of domains. These domains provide backlinks to your competitor. You can also reach them out with your content and get different types of backlinks. 

Moreover, you can also see whether your competitor is getting backlinks from guest posting. If yes, you can also try your luck on that platform and get a backlink. Don’t forget to sign in to the newsletter of your competitors. This helps you keep checking their daily activities, like new content. 

Get Broken Links

Broken Links are excellent for getting different backlink types. All you have to do is to find your competitor’s and other domains’ broken links and target them. Broken Links are those backlinks that aren’t working on a specific website. The reason can be anything from a wrong URL to the Domain closing of that particular site. 

If you’ve found some broken links, contact the concerned website and ask them for a replacement. While doing this, you can present your site as a replacement. How to do that? Be humble, introduce yourself, and tell the exact location of the broken link. This way, you can help the other site and get a strong backlink for yours. 

Finding broken links may seem easy, but it’s not true. Before contacting any site, you must do detailed research using Semrush and Ahref. However, all the hard work pays off once you get exceptional backlinks. 

Create Top-Notch Content

You can attract others’ attention by creating top-notch content. If your content provides enough value to other bloggers, they will use it and link back to it. Although content creation takes time, you are unstoppable if you get on the right track. You can produce content like how-to guides, affiliate articles, quiz posting, and much more. 

For instance, if you have a shoe website, you can post “top sports shoes under $100.” But how to know which content holds more value? For this purpose, you can enter your keyword to focus on any keyword research tool. Soon, you will see a list of topics with their search volume. 

Make your keyword focus on the one with low difficulty ranking and high search volume. After that, write on that topic and add information backed with stats and facts to make it valuable. Publish the content, and you will see other sites interacting with you while offering backlinks.

Post Skyscraper Content

Another way to get various backlinks types is to publish skyscraper content on your website. What’s skyscraper content? These are lengthy guides written on existing topics and cover all aspects of the topic. This makes your guide to be better than the rest. On average, a skyscraper guide goes as long as 10,000 words. 

You can do research for this by simply entering your niche into the search bar. Then, pick any relevant topic and perform extensive research. Visit different related sites to create something better and more valuable. Once you are done with writing and publishing, it’s time for content promotion. 

First, contact all the people and sources you have mentioned in your guide. Tell them how their presence helped you write, share your article’s link, and request them to share it with their audience. 

Once your guide gets the limelight, people will start reading, resulting in different backlinks. If this method doesn’t work for you, try another one. Find out the site backlinking posts similar to guides. Reach out to them and tell them how your content is a better alternative. Once they access your content, you will get quality backlinks. 

Share Testimonials

Do you know testimonials are great for grabbing different types of backlinks? Yes, it’s true. Many companies and websites are looking for people to share testimonials. So they can share them on their homepage and attract audiences. You can search such sites and share a testimonial with them in return for a backlink. 

How Can Backlinks Improve Your SEO?

Google’s primary purpose is to provide users with the most relevant and credible content. Each backlink serves as a vote of confidence and trustworthiness from one website to another. So, the Google Search Engine carefully checks the types of back links in content and their source to assess whether the content is credible enough or not. 

Depending on the domain, some links are more valuable than others. If backlinks types are from a high-authority website, it will help your content rank faster than a low-authority one. It’s because linking to a high authority website makes your presence credible to Google. Generally, a website with a domain authority of 60 or 70/100 is considered a good domain and holds more value. 

While a website with a domain authority below 50 isn’t very trusted. So, always link and source the domains with a good Google reputation. Besides website authority, prefer quality of links over quantity. 

By quality we mean, the link you insert in your content should lead the reader to relevant content that’s not totally off-topic. Stuffing links in your content that are not very credible and relevant may derank your site instead of ranking it in SERP.

Different Types of Backlinks 

Like there are different types of websites, you will also come across different backlinks types. Let’s discuss a few types of backlinks and their specialties.

Business Profile Backlinks

When you set a unique digital profile for your business on listing sites, social networks, etc., you can link back to your website. The Search Engines consider this proof that the website has been in this race for a long. 

Editorial Backlinks

The best backlinks are the editorial descriptions featuring your keyword to focus on and the website’s link. These backlinks are formed when your content is mentioned as a valuable source of information on some certain topic. To get editorial backlinks, maintain an ever-green image of your website.  

Guest Blogging Backlinks

One of the easiest ways of getting backlinks is by guest blogging. When you post content on a high-authority website, you can add an editorial link to your content. This helps your content and site to rank faster.


Backlinks are the base of SEO, and you need different types of backlinks to rank higher and faster. You can get backlinks from referral sources or through broken links. Besides, good content and competitor’s research also land you some strong backlinks. We hope this article provides you with a detailed guide to backlinks and how to get them.