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The combined or multiple bet

This possibility of “CLOSE BET” will be offered discretionally by CODERE for certain markets.

If the client decides to select the option “CLOSE BET” with the fixed amount, it will be settled in the same act, the ticket or receipt being invalidated, so that the final qualification of the forecast as loser or winner will have no impact on the customer. Customer who has selected this option

Example: It is predicted that in a Real Madrid-Barcelona match, Real Madrid will win the match at the end of the match. The client bets 10 euros on the forecast indicated above, which has a multiplier of 2.40 euros.

Minute 20 of the match, Cristiana Ronald scores a goal and Real Madrid takes the lead (1-0). At that moment, CODERE offers the client the possibility of “CLOSE BET” for an amount of 18 euros, given that they have great chances of winning the bet if the score remains until the end of the match.

With this option, the client has the possibility of receiving

 An amount of money without having to wait for the match to end and risking the score changing and ultimately losing their bet, or rejecting this option and waiting until the match is over and indeed, the final result gave victory to Real Madrid.

Minute 70 of the game, Messi scores a goal and Barcelona ties the game (score 1-1). At that time, CODERE offers the customer the possibility of “CLOSE BET” for an amount of 6 euros, given that the customer’s chances of winning the bet are reduced. The customer may accept this “CLOSE BET” mode and obtain the 6 euros or reject it and wait for the match to 꽁머니 risking Real Madrid not scoring a goal until the match is over.

Types of bets

  • Simple
  • Combined or multiple:
  • accumulated
  • Bus
  • Multiple (with or without Bank)
  • Multi Selection (with or without Bank)
  • the simple bet

The simple bet is one in which you bet on a single result of a single event. If the bettor is correct in his prediction, the bet is a winner.

The combined or multiple bet is a simultaneous bet on two or more different forecasts, in different events. The combined or multiple bet can be accumulated, Combi, Multiple or Multi-selection.

For an accumulator bet to be a winner, the bettor must hit all the predictions that he has indicated.

Accumulated bets can be double (two forecasts), triples (three forecasts), Multi 4 (four forecasts), Multi 5 (five forecasts), and so on. And the two, three, four, five… forecasts must be correct to obtain a prize.a

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