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The Coffee Table Selection Methods No one will Tell You 

Everybody feels the refreshment in their body when the caffeine starts flowing in their blood. Just like tea, coffee is also an energy source for many people. Sometimes the addiction to coffee becomes the reason for creativity. 

Most of the time we don’t think too much while making a coffee for ourselves. But when a guest is coming to your home, you must greet them with good exposure. Undoubtedly, a coffee table will be a part of it. 

When choosing a coffee table for your room, there are some factors you should take care of. The color of the table, the material, the height, the purpose of using the table, and most importantly, the design according to the environment are essential factors. 

So without wasting any more time, let’s jump to the discussion. 

What Are The Factors You Must Know Before Buying a Coffee Table? 

Coffee tables are not like dining tables or study tables. Those are named differently because of the height, material, quality, and so on. Let’s see how you can find a good coffee table. 

1. Go for The Height 

A coffee table is used in a common room or drawing-room. When you and your guests are having a good conversation, a disturbance in the sitting is not desired. If you are getting hampered to draw that coffee mug from the table because of the bad height, it will ruin your quality time. 

The best way is to buy a table according to your sofa or chair size. Human bodies are flexible enough to sit on various size chairs. But the same theory won’t apply to the table. Try to get a table equal to or 3 inches bigger from the sofa sitting level.  

2. Design That Suits The Environment 

When buying a coffee table, you must think about the location, you are going to place it. Is it for your college canteen? Is it for your club common room? Is it for a commercial restaurant? Or is it for your library or drawing room?  

These answers will lead you to the solution. When it comes to design, the color must be taken care of too. You are an intelligent person. So, close your eyes and think which color and structure will be best according to the location’s environment. 

The common structures are round, square, oval, and rectangular. It must be decided according to the sitting arrangement, chair/sofa size, and several seats. 

3. Material of the Coffee Table 

Material of the coffee table matters. The reasons are almost the same as described in the case of design. When it comes to material, only 4 types of materials are best. Those are marble, brass, wood, and glass. 

  • Marble is a very heavy material. It is costly too. If the coffee is located in a harsh environment, the marble will be best. It will ensure longevity.  
  • Brass metal coffee tables are generally used in commercial places like restaurants and cafe areas. It gives a vintage look. You can use it in your room too if you like. 
  • The wood material is the most common. It doesn’t depend on the place and the environment. Overall, it can be used in home and commercial places. The durability and looks are incredible if you have a sharp selection skill. 
  • Glass materials are for those who love delicacy. Just like a glorious drawing room with well-groomed walls and showcase.  

A brief discussion regarding the material is given. It is recommended to choose between them as these are providing long-lasting service. 

4. The Space of the Table 

While the height is being discussed, the space of the surface should not be avoided. As you have already seen, the tables are available in round, oval, rectangular, and square shapes. You should check the dimensions before buying one. 

If you are buying if, for commercial places, the space should be bigger. But if you are buying a coffee table for your drawing room, the size should be compact. If you visit a professional coffee table website or shop, they’ll guide you to the best products. 

5. The Balance Enquiry 

Last but not the least, checking the balance of the coffee table is very important. It’s not a vital point when you are going offline shopping. In the case of online furniture shopping, you must get a site where you can have wide options. 

Check the reviews. In case, there is nothing regarding balance inquiry, it is recommended to search for the products where replacement and refund options are available. Other than this, various leg structures are available on the market. You can go with those too. 


Choosing a coffee table may not be a big issue. But when it comes to perfection, you should not compromise it. You are here because you are that perfectionist, one in a million. So, guiding you in the best possible ways is our priority. All the best!