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The best knee pads for workers 


There are many buildings in towns. These buildings are heavy structures with steel and cement mixed with concrete. All of these structures are supported by columns and pillars. If these vertical pillars are weak or fractured. Then the whole building would collapse definitely. Similarly, when the stems of plants or trees weaken. Then the trees ultimately fall. The human body is just like the steel structure of the buildings. The trees or buildings are stationary, they cannot move. But human beings can move, walk and run. The movements in the knee are technical with a fulcrum or pivot point. Without their flexibility, they cannot move.

Knee joint

The basic purpose of the knee joint is to permit forward and backward movement of the leg’s lower part. With the help of ligaments, their movement is extended around 120 degrees angle. Also, the knee hinge joint helps in rotation. A knee joint is very strong, flexible, and needs very special care. Normally, problems are observed with aging. The extensive use of the hinge joint makes it weak. A structural joint or hinge can be repaired. But for the knee joint the replacement or repair is a hell of a job.

The common knee problems include the following

  • Strained ligaments are usually a result of twists etc.
  • Damaged cartilage, the shock-absorbing layer is torn out
  • Swelling of tendonitis is caused by overuse of knees
  • Arthritis is due to the wear of cartilage 

Consequently, these problems require deep and detailed medical checkups. For example X-rays, MRI, CT scans, arthroscopy, and radionuclide scans. The test results, later on, identify the type of problems of the knees. The solution to problems varies from physiotherapy, icing, massage, exercise, and sometimes replacement of the knee joint. These treatments are very costly and cannot be as durable and fit as the original knee joint. Therefore, the failure of the knee joint means failure to walk or move. Eventually making a person handicapped.

Usage of knee pads at work

  • They reduce the pressure felt on the knees
  • Protect the knees from getting injuries
  • Add comfort and smoothness to your movement
  • Feel easy to kneel, crawl and bend
  • Protect knees diseases
  • They cause relief in knee pain
  • Provide support for the structure of the body

The shop

The shop Tool stop contains a high range of the best brands selling knee pads. They have a range of products offered by the Stanley Fat Max brand. This brand is the best in quality. People like this brand the most. The quality of their knee pads makes them rank in the top list of knee pads brands. Similarly, knee pads from other brands are also sold there. The Nailers and Beeswift brands also sell products through this shop.

Why Stanley fat max is the best brand

This brand is an expert in designing tools for tradesmen. This makes the tradesmen’s work easier and more efficient. Moreover, the tools they design are budget-friendly. Their quality of products is never neglected. Their products are durable, long-lasting, and the best in quality. The tools they make can be used in homes for regular and casual use. Also, they can be used at offices, and job sites.

They offer the following products

  • Knee pads
  • Screw divers
  • Snips
  • Hose
  • Organizers
  • Gloves
  • Other types of hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Workplace tools

Knee pads and their types

  1. Stanley Fat Max

They offer knee pads for workers. These are best for concerned workers in the field of construction. In addition to protection, they provide comfort in walking and bending. They are designed for slip prevention. Another strap is provided for more grip. The foam inside helps the knees to fix in the knee pads. The sizes are easily adjustable. The people can easily walk, bend and kneel because of the gel layer inside them. These knee pads are best for roofing.

  1. Nailers knee pads

They are long-lasting. Due to the heavy padding inside them. The buckles make them easy to wear and take off. They can be adjusted to different sizes. Hence can fit into various sizes of knees. They have multi-layers of protection. They provide resistance to slip. The soft cushion in the pads makes them feel comfortable. These are the top quality knee pads for construction.

  1. Beeswift knee pads

The knee pads come in variable sizes. They can be molded easily around the knees. Also, they can be reduced and modified to customize sizes. Additionally, they are used for knee pad work trousers. They prevent a person from getting mechanical injuries.

Who can wear knee pads

  • Tilers
  • Flooring experts
  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Construction workers
  • sportsmen

Knee pads for construction

The heavy-duty knee pads are used by the workers on-site or doing construction. The nylon thread makes the cushion foam very soft. This helps the knee pads to last longer than others. The thread of polyesters makes them breathable throughout the day. The knee pads are airy which reduces the rate of sweating by the knees. Therefore, the knees do not become hot. The temperature of the knees is maintained. The extra, flexible straps help their grip stronger. The gel inside them makes them easy and comfortable to wear. The EVA foam pad allows them to stay firm in a place.

Knee pads for roofing

Roofing is the most difficult task done by the workers. For this reason, their safety and protection are necessary. Hence, they are advised to wear knee pads. The knee pads will protect against rubbing the knees against the surface. As their job is for prolong hours. In addition, the knee pads must have anti-slippery material. They must have a strong grip to withstand any pressure. The gel cushion will provide comfort to their knees.