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The Benefits of a Custom Hair System

A custom hair system is an excellent option for women who are looking to cover up a receding hairline or bald spots. The hairpiece is made to blend seamlessly with the patient’s own hair and create a more natural appearance. It can also be styled to create a variety of looks. A woman with gray hair will typically request a hairpiece that looks as natural as possible. In this way, she will be able to wear different hairstyles and a hairpiece that is easy to manage and looks as natural as possible.

Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer

A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer makes customized cranial hair prostheses that are designed to replicate natural looking tresses. Using a 0.03mm super thin transparent poly hair replacement system, they are made in the tampa bay area of Florida. In addition to custom designs, they offer three methods for attachment to give the impression that the hair grows directly from the scalp. Each hair is hand-tied and ventilated to replicate natural growth. The systems are made to fit comfortably and are completely invisible to anyone but the recipient.


A custom hair system by Virtuesse is an advanced technology for restoring hair to women with thinning or lost hair. This revolutionary hair replacement system can be easily installed in one afternoon. It will give you the look and feel of your natural hair and accommodate virtually any lifestyle. Whether you need to look your best during a business meeting or a casual day out, Virtuesse is the answer. It is comfortable, lightweight, and can be easily maintained. Although you may need to use a hair-care product every now and then, you will never notice the system.


The Pro-Flex custom hair system is made with three distinct layers that each have distinct advantages and disadvantages. The thin layers are more stable and the liquid adhesive lasts longer. However, the thicker layers tend to seep into the hair and cause a more difficult bonding process. Consequently, it takes longer to dry and is more difficult to clean. These pros and cons make the Pro-Flex custom hair system an excellent choice for women and men alike.

Ultra Hold

If you are experiencing hair loss in your crown area, you can opt for an Ultra Hold custom hair system. These hair systems typically come in an oval or round shape and are made of different types of base materials. These tapes have extreme hold, and are flexible for long-term use. You can opt for tapes that are made of silicone, keratin, or keratin/polyurethane. The following are some of the popular types of tapes that you can use to attach a hair system to your scalp.


A Silk-based custom hair system is the perfect solution for anyone looking to achieve a natural-looking wig. A system can be made up of several layers of lace and silk. The topmost layer consists of a solid lace material while the bottom layer is composed of a soft layer called diamond mono. The layers are then tightly knotted to mimic a real scalp. The knots on the system are concealed under the top layer, which maximizes the comfort of the wearer.


Having a hair system customized to fit your head is a great way to look and feel your best. Custom hair systems are made using lighter materials and more detail, so you can enjoy a natural look. The most important thing to remember is that these hair systems require attachment, either by clips, glue, or tape. These are known as bonding adhesives and provide a more secure fit and look than hairpieces attached by clips alone. These tapes and glues can be removed for daily use, which is important if you are going to travel or need to change your look.


Pricing for a custom hair system can range widely. The materials used to make the hairpieces vary, as do the methods used to attach them. A popular base material is lace, a finely knitted mesh fabric that is lightweight and undetectable. Because of its intricate making process, lace systems are more expensive than other base materials. It can cost upwards of PS1,200 for a full-coverage system.

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