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The Benefit of Pint Size Pool in The Backyard of Australian Homes 

Pint or plunge pools are tiny pools with a focus on relaxation and appealing to the eyes. These pools are popular in densely populated cities where space is a constraint. It has also become more and more popular as an upscale amenity in hotels and spas around the world. They are small enough to fit in even the smallest of locations, or in some cases enormous areas too. They are currently highly fashionable in backyards throughout the world, including in Australian homes.

You can contact Compass Pools for a customised Australian pool for your backyard. They revolutionised the small swimming pools sector after introducing self-cleaning fibreglass pools to the market. More than 18,000 clients in Australia are now living the resort lifestyle at home. When they initially introduced the Maxi Rib pools 25 years ago, they were the first to produce a fibreglass pool intended for above-ground applications. 

Pint pools come in many shapes and sizes, but they are often rectangular to make the most of small spaces, measuring between 8’x 8′ and 8’x 16’. Depending on whether you’re looking for a cool spot to lounge or a source of exercise, depths range from four to six feet. Some even add tanning ledges to the board.

Benefit of Pint Pools in Australian Homes 

  • Small pools have a wonderful aesthetic appeal and provide a sense of intimacy that a large pool cannot. They are great for relaxing and enjoying to the fullest.
  • A small pool is much simpler to maintain than a large one. You’ll be relieved that your pool is quite small when it is time to clean it.
  • A smaller pool empties faster than a larger one, and because it has a lower surface area, it also improves more quickly.
  • Small pools often require fewer chemicals because they contain less water. Additionally, the small size of the pool provides fewer opportunities for wear or cracks to appear, lowering the chances of professional assistance required for repairs.
  • Pint pools are not only simpler to maintain, but they are also less expensive. You’ll spend less money on chemicals or maintenance tools, and installation may be cheaper. 
  • A small Australian pool is easier to insulate, allowing you to maintain the proper temperature without spending a fortune.
  • Plunge pools have a much smaller environmental impact than larger ones, therefore your decision will be in favour of both the environment and your family.
  • Since small Australian pools are less expensive than larger ones, you’ll have plenty of room for extra decorations and unique features. Several of the interesting features present in larger pools seem to rise even farther on smaller ones.

Plunge pools are quite popular in Australia, where people often prepare pool parties in the name of social gatherings. The benefit of reduced water volume, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal makes incorporating plunge pools into landscaped and/or gathering areas for family and friends a very common landscaping feature. It is popular in the constrained block size inner-city suburbs including Bondi, Glebe, Paddington, and Neutral Bay. 



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